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The lost book of Ruth

8 Mar

And the mother said unto her children, “Hearken diligently unto me, and eat ye that which is good.”

And the children cried unto their mother, “Mother we wish to eat like unto the Philistines the frosted tarts that pop.”

And the mother prepared an healthy breakfast with wheat and fruits from the vine.

But the children gnashed their teeth and cried,”Nay; but we will have a sugary cereal; that we also may be like all the other children, and that our lunches may be like the other children’s also, give us chips and twinkies and the carbonated sugar drinks.”

And the mother was wroth with her children and declared that the children should henceforth have nothing with which to eat.

And the children repented of their wickedness and ate with gratitude and rejoicing every food which proceeded forth from the kitchen.