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Vintage Metal Dollhouse

13 Jan

Is there anything you can’t resist, even when you *know* you don’t have room for it in your house?

My Aunt Jodie gave this doll house to my girls. 

It was her dollhouse when she was a girl. She saved it for her girls, but neither of them wanted it. 

I admit, it’s kinda big, about 48 inches long and 18 inches high.  

But I LOVE doll houses.  So even though we already had 2, a Barbie dream house and a Melissa & Doug castle, I said I would be happy to have it.  

At first, I admit, I didn’t love this house.  It is made of tin and I stressed out about the younger kids bending or breaking it. But I decided to chill out.  It’s sturdier than it looks, and I think already past the point of use that would make it attractive to collectors.  

There are 2 things I just love about this doll house.  

First, it came with tons of furniture. All the furniture isn’t to the same scale, but a lot is. The older girls spent hours arranging  it. And they don’t care about scale.

Second, I love all the pretty painted details.  (Check out the landscaping!)

  This is the second story patio.


 This is the nursery. 

The horse is my favorite thing about the whole house. 

The bathroom provides all necessary appointments, including “his” and “hers” towels. It also has a mystery stain in front of the toilet.  Just like my house!

The master bedroom is luxurious.  Seriously, that carpet looks plush! 

 Downstairs is a cheery utility room.

The kitchen has red checked curtains!

Check out the cherry wallpaper in the living/dining room!  I have it on good authority that back in those days, if something was “cherry” that meant it was the best shiny new cool totally tricked-out thing.  Sort of like “fine” or “sweet” when I was a kid.  I do believe the current equivalent is “sick”.  Go figure.  

Last is the den.

It’s so cozy!  Also, I looked up metal dollhouses online, and while I found many similar houses, none of them had a den.  So that makes this house pretty unique!

Lots of fun for the girls (and me).  

After some more internet searching, I’ve found that this doll house was made by Marx and is the Marxie Mansion, first made in 1961 and the biggest of all the tin litho houses.  Most of the furniture is original!  Cool.

I think the family is a smaller scale than the furniture, probably 1/16 or 1/18.