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14 Feb

Happiness is a spring day.  It slips up slowly, almost indicernibly, and suddenly I must go outside.  The world is fresh and clean and good and new.  Warm breezes melt away winter frost, banish my loneliness, wrap warm arms around my soul.

I had been sleeping, but today I am awake!  Little chickadee’s hop from branch to branch twittering merrily and my heart skips with them out to greet the world. Peaceful sweet thoughts flow through me like great rolling clouds gliding across the sapphire sky.  Bright daffodills bow and beckon to me like so many warm smiles.

I am filled to overflowing and my soul seeks no more.  Like the brook, babbling and laughing along, I am complete and happy in myself.  Little minnows dart to and fro, from shadow to light, daring to come out and bask in the light.

A blue heron wades in the brook, taking stately steps.  He tilts his head at me.  Then with a cry, he spreads his wings and leaps into the sky.  I, too, know who I am, and I will fly.  I will climb up up to heaven and soar above the clouds.