Surviving Pregnancy

These are my tips to you so you can feel as amazing as possible while you are growing that precious baby.

Preventing Morning Sickness:

1. Make sure you are getting enough vitamin B.  Never drink milk with your vitamin or your meat (see #2).  The calcium in the milk blocks the iron in your supplements.

**Take your prenatal supplement
**Drink a green smoothie every day
**Eat these Vegetables (either in your green smoothie or raw or cooked):

2.  Eat a little red meat every day. Other kinds of protien can also help, but something about red meat makes it especially helpful at making the sickies go away.  Perhaps it is the iron.  I know so many women who crave big hamburgers while they are pregnant.  I personally crave pot roast.  Listen to your body!  I’m not a big meat eater, but pregnancy is an exception to the minimal meat rules I live by.  Ask your Dear Husband to grill you a steak, do a crock pot roast, or go out for chicken fried steak.  Brown some hamburger with a little Mrs. Dash or Emmeril Bam!  You’ll feel better.

3.  Eat a pickle or drink a little pickle juice.  Make a salad with canned artichoke hearts in it.  Not only will it settle your tummy, it helps with raging heart burn as well!

4.  Don’t let yourself get hungry.  snack snack snack all day long.  Snack snack snack is your song.  Crackers, cottage cheese, apples, peanut butter, egg salad, tuna, raisins, peanuts, banana milk shakes.  Carnation instant breakfast.  Snacks are your friends.  Eat what sounds good until it doesn’t sound good.  Then pick a new snack.  Make them ahead and keep them in the fridge so they are ready for you.  (You can even cut up apples ahead.  Just toss them in a little pineapple juice and they’ll last for a week without getting brown.

Preventing Leg cramps, Charlie Horses, &  Round Ligament cramps:

1.  Get Potassium every day.  My favorite ways to eat bananas are Banana Milk Shakes and Banana Splits.

2.  If you get a leg cramp, point your toe towards your face, not away from you (do not be like a ballerina on point).  If the cramp is so bad that you can’t move, ask your dear husband to flex your foot towards your face for you.

3.  If you know you are going to sneeze, tighten your abs as best you can.  It will help.

Preventing Restless Leg Syndrome:  If you have this, your iron is low.  (Even if your doctor says it is in a “normal” range, it might be low for you.)  Get consistant about that prenatal vitamin and eat some red meat.  Beans also have iron in them.

Preventing all those other aches including that muscle ache at the top of your belly where your muscles are being stretched apart:

1.  Do those silly looking prenatal exercises in your pregnancy book.  You know, those angry cat/camel back arches.

2.  Get a pregnancy workout video or get on youtube and do 10-20 minutes of something like light aerobics 3 times a week, or better yet, every day.  You will be amazed at how much better you feel.

Things to not stress out about when you are preggers:

Weight gain
Getting everything done
The fact that you need a nap.  It’s okay to take a nap.  You are growing a person inside you!
Whether the bathtub needs scrubbing.
A little sugar now and then.

How to make your own maternity pants from a pair of jeans:
click here

More awesome maternity sewing tutorials:

Mad Mim: Sewing for a belly  

What to take to the hospital:
your cleanser & moisturizer for your face
fuzzy socks/slippers
stretchy pants
a comb

What not to take to the hospital:
your skinny jeans
a book to read (your brain won’t be up to it.)


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