Cleaning Tips

1. You can’t clean clutter, so fill up some happy boxes and take them to good will.  Allow some of the corners in your home to be empty so you can see the wall and the floor meet.

2.  Make your bed every morning.

3.  Get big traffic mats.  Place one outside and one inside each exterior door in your house.  The outside ones should look like astro-turf.  The inside ones should be olefin.  They should be big enough that persons entering take 3 steps on the mat outside and 2 steps on the mat inside.  Clean them every couple of months by spraying them off with a garden hose.  Rejoice in all the dirt that did not enter your house because it was captured by the traffic mat.

4.  If you set a schedule for your day that includes time to clean, say 1 hour, set your timer.  When the time is up, move on to the new task.  Don’t let cleaning spill over and rob your time.

5. Read a book.  Here are some I reccommend.

6.  Magic Erasers will clean soap scum and rust rings from the tub & shower.

One Response to “Cleaning Tips”

  1. GlowWorm January 8, 2013 at 5:57 PM #

    That top cartoon makes me laugh every time I see it.

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