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Four-Year Old Jokes

9 Aug

The Scooter Pies turned four this week.

Pumpkin Pie made their cakes:

A Goomba from Super Mario World

And a Smash ball from Smash Bros Brawl.

These little guys seem super grown up suddenly.

Zeek gets super offended if we call him “Baby” or refer to his room as “the babies’ room”

“I not a baby!” He cries.

Zeke’s favorite color is dark blue and light blue.

His favorite game is Smash Bros. His favorite food is saltine crackers and little breakfast sausage links. His favorite treat is fruit snacks. His favorite animal is a lion. His favorite song is “Ducky” (which is a song he and Skeeter made up in which they sing the word “ducky” over and over.) His favorite bedtime story is “Green Eggs and Ham.”

Skeeter’s favorite color is red. His favorite game is Temple Run. His favorite food is chicken nuggets. His favorite treat is cake. His favorite animal is a moose. His favorite song is the Smash Bros Song.

Skeeter’s favorite place to go is the park. His favorite bedtime story is “The very Hungry Caterpillar.”

A conversation they had tonight while I was trying to get them to go to sleep:

Skeeter: we want Taco Tuesday

Zeke: Yeah, and the we want Taco Threesday.

S: And then we want Taco Foursday!

Z: (laughing delightedly) then Taco Fivesday!

S: (laughing hysterically) and then sixday, seven eight ninesday!!

Both of them collapse laughing

Z: we missed Taco Onesday.

Me: how are they so smart? Also, I think Taco Ninesday should be a thing.

As I typed this,,Zeke recognized the word “Taco” on screen. What? They might be reading. Before they start preschool.

What do I need if I’m Pregnant with Twins?

12 May

Four years ago, my doctor informed me that my baby number 8 was actually baby number 8 AND baby number 9.  I was a pretty experienced mommy, but I knew twins would be different.  I scoured the internet for information on what I would need.  Most mommy bloggers of twins had different life situations than I had.  Their twins were usually their first and second babies, or they had a toddler and twins.  I don’t think I found a single blog by mothers who already had 7 babies and then had twins.  (These women are much too busy to blog.)  These mommy bloggers all also seemed to be able to afford the deluxe, premium versions of everything from strollers to diaper bags.  That was definitely not me.

I do want to remember what I learned and what turned out to be useful for me.  So if you just found out that you are going to be a Mother of Multiples and you have a real life budget, here are the things that were the best things I bought.  I got my money’s worth out of all of them.  (P.S. None of these links are affiliate links because Missouri and Amazon do not get along–these are just sincerely the things that saved my sanity.)

#1–I ordered this brace when I was 30 weeks along. I should have ordered it at 25 weeks. It really helped reduce how much back pain I had while standing to cook dinner. (by 27 weeks, I only stood up to cook dinner. The rest of the time I sat on the couch watching Dora with Baby Bean.)
#2–I bought this pillow for nursing two babies at once. It was great for just holding them too. My twins turned out to be terrible at eating, so I only used it for about 3 1/2 months before I faced reality and switched to full formula and bottles. There are lots of twin mommy blogs out there of super women who exclusively breast fed or exclusively pumped and bottle fed their twins for a whole year, so I’m not saying it is impossible. But don’t judge yourself if your unique situation doesn’t work out that way. ❤
#3–If it turns out that you partially or fully bottle feed your babies, you will be super glad to have these “hands-free” bottles. The part that goes in the baby’s mouth is like a pacifier that hooks to the bottle on a long tube. This way, no one has to hold the weight of the bottle. It’s awesome. Also, the babies swallow less air with these, so if your babies have colic or gastric re-flux, they help with that too. I can’t tell you how many nights at 1 in the morning I was attempting to nurse a baby with one arm, hold the breast pump on the other side, and had the other baby in a bouncy chair and was propping a bottle for him with my foot. These fix that.
#4–Speaking of bouncy chairs….when I had only one baby, these seemed like useless space hogs. But My twins were in their bouncy chairs so much. Bouncy chairs or swings…either is fine, but you need two! They can double as high chairs for a long time as well.
#5–I got a backpack diaper bag because I knew both hands would be busy with the babies. That was a good call. You don’t want a shoulder bag that is going to slip down your arm onto a baby or make you lopsided. You’ll be juggling too much anyway. This is the one I got, and I loved it, but there are many many options out there.
A lot of twin moms recommend the JuJuBe diaper bags. They look amazing and expensive.
#6–This stroller is light weight, sturdy, and works with most car seats, so you don’t have to buy two new car seats (if you don’t want to) This thing was my work horse for many months–as long as you bring the babies into church in their car seats, you’ll be glad you have it. Baby Trend Universal Double Snap-N-Go Stroller Frame
#7–Start making a list now of things that people can do for you. Lots of people will ask if they can help, and you’re going to be so tired and overwhelmed that you’ll go blank, and you won’t know what you can tell them to do. So make a list now of things you’re willing to let people help you with– like running a load of laundry through your washer, or sweeping your floor, or washing baby bottles, or feeding your goats etc. The thing that someone did for me that helped me the most was to come once or twice a week and take away my preschoolers for the afternoon (Banana Cream Pie was 3 and Baby Bean was 18 months old.) For those few hours I could take care of the twins or take a nap and not have to worry about what crazy messy thing Baby Bean might be getting into.
#8–I made lots of casseroles and freezer meals so that dinner would be easier after the babies were born. By 25 weeks I had 30 meals in the freezer.  I didn’t make more because after that, I was in too much pain to stand for long enough to put extra meals together.  (see #1)  After the babies were born, we also ate a lot of dinosaur chicken nuggets, freezer pizza, taquitos, and popcorn–everyone survived just fine 😉
You can do this, Mamma! Heavenly Father will grant you the strength and wisdom you need when you need it ❤ He is sending these beautiful babies to you because you are the perfect mommy for them. They will love you as you are.
Don’t let yourself think that you have to do things a certain way.
Every time you get frustrated, ask yourself–What is driving me crazy?
How can I make that process simpler or make it go more smoothly?
What expectations do I have that aren’t really true and I need to let go of them?
(example: “good moms do X so I have to do X also.” or If my kids are unhappy, I’m failing.”)
❤ Glowworm

Happy Valentines Day!

16 Feb

The Scooter Pies are 18 months old!  Where has the time gone? Stinkin’ cute little cheesers 

In another year and a half, they will be 3 years old!  Life will be so different then!

Zeke (wearing orange) weighs 23 pounds and 13 oz and is about 31 inches tall.  (The nurse wasn’t very careful, so I don’t trust this measurement.)

Skeeter (wearing blue) weighs 25 pounds 5 oz and is about 32 inches tall.

I have moved them into size 2T shirts because suddenly all their 18-month shirt sleeves were about 2 inches short.  They are still wearing size 18-month pants because they have skinny little bums.

I am excited for spring to come so we can spend many more hours a day outside.  The Scooter Pies have already learned way too much about things like Nintendo wii and tablets and smart phones.  I want them to learn about bugs and sticks and dirt and rocks.

We went to the park last week, and they didn’t even try to eat the gravel! yay!!! This summer is going to be fun.

Rookie Mistake

26 Jun

I thought I had the scooter pies trapped  in the kid zone at the library.  

Zeke found a way

Skeeter tattletaled 

Almost Walking

20 Jun

Skeeter might walk before Zeke

What a coup!

June 17 2016

Feeding the Twins

12 May

True confessions time:  the Mommy thing I really don’t like to do is spooning baby food into babies’ mouths.

Spoon the mashed whatever into baby’s mouth.  (Baby immediately spits most of it out again.) Scrape it back off baby’s chin.  Spoon it into baby’s mouth again.  Repeat endlessly.  The process makes me want to scream.  It makes my skin crawl and my brain feel like it’s shredding.

With my other 7 kids, I decided pretty quickly that the whole baby food thing was over rated.  My babies were breastfed.  They were already getting the best nutrition any baby could get.  I waited until they were old enough to put things in their mouths by themselves and then let them just feed themselves stuff like small banana pieces and Graham crackers.

The twins are on formula.  So this is a whole new ball game. Carrots and sweet potatoes are a more natural food than the engineered formula powder. Plus if the Scooter Pies eat baby food, then they will need to drink lees formula.

So when they were 6 months old.  I started attempting to feed them rice cereal and then sweet potatoes and applesauce.

It has been a little crazy making.  I’ve always complained a bit about the fact that most of my day revolves around feeding the horde of kiddie pies.  Get up in time to cook breakfast. Serve breakfast.  Clean up from breakfast. Snack for preschoolers.  Make & Serve lunch, clean up from lunch.  After school snack.  Cook dinner, serve dinner, clean up from dinner. Day Gone.

But I reached new levels of food slavery this spring.

The DH would come home from work and ask, “what’s new?”

“Nothing is new,” I’d say.  “I spent the last two hours spooning food into babies’ mouths.”

Mercifully, the scooter pies are now good enough at swallowing that I don’t have to feed them the same spoonful of food several times.

They can feed themselves crackers and bread bits.  So that is awesome.

Also feeding them both at the same time is less boring than feeding one baby. Someone is always ready for their next bite.  I don’t have to wait for chewing & swallowing.

The Scooter Pies are 5 Months Old!

12 Jan

             Zeke     And              Skeeter
Skeeter weighs 17 pounds 4 ounces now.  
Zeke weighs less.

They smile and laugh and babble at us.  They are both ticklish.

Skeeter is pretty good at rolling from front to back, and stays content on the blanket for longer.  

Zeke just fusses until someone flips him.  

They are so cute, I think I might die almost every day from cuteness overload.

They got haircuts for the new year because their hairs were just too scraggly.  


 This is Zeke (left) and Skeeter (right) before the haircuts.