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Spanish Poetry

12 Feb

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Christmas Crafting 2018

26 Dec

Merry Christmas!

Since the twins were born, and I think maybe even longer ago–possibly for the last 6 years–I have not attempted making anything for Christmas. I just accepted the impossibility of making anything with twin babies in the house. This year the Christmas crafting bug could not be denied. It was my turn to give to my little brother, Sammy, and My best idea was to make a family version of Pit (a favorite game in our family.) Its a trading game. Usually the commodities traded are things like Wheat, Sugar, Corn, and Barley …a.k.a. Stock Market commodities. I made it with pictures of our family, so the commodities are Sammy, Katie, Eddie, etc. Mom is the Bear card, and Dad is the Bull card. 😂😂. We had great fun playing on Christmas Day.

Let me tell you, it was more cutthroat than regular pit because the stakes felt higher.

How I made it:

I used the paint program on my computer to crop the pictures and add the point values. (Sammy got to be 100 since it was his present, and then I just went in reverse order. Peter suggested that I should have made our birth years the point values—which would have been cool-but significantly shortened the point spread.)

I printed the “wallet size” option, which was perfect for the cards.

I bought two 88 cent packs of playing cards, making sure to get the same pattern backs. I used double-sided tape to attach the pictures. Then I borrowed my friend’s laminator to laminate them. Originally I was just going to use clear packing tape to “laminate” them—and that might have been better, because they are pretty slippery and thicker than regular cards, it took a couple of rounds to get used to holding them.

However, I worried that the packing tape wouldn’t hold up as well.

I also made a birthday chart for my in-laws. They needed one :).

Now I know why most people use vinyl lettering instead of painting. I didn’t sand the board with a smooth enough grit, and the paint bled under the stencil edges pretty badly. So lesson learned: use at least 3 levels (probably more) of sandpaper , and just use vinyl cutouts. I fixed the big letters with a little paint brush. The little letters bled so badly that I gave up on that stencil and just painted the months freehand. They turned out better than I expected.

This board was 3/4″ by 6″ by 28″.


Home School & Toddlers: Get Help!

15 Aug

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Home Schooling and Twin Toddlers

18 Jul

Home Schooling with toddler twins is extra hard. Find out my tips!!

Small and Simple Home School

TWINS (2)If you are a home schooling mother with twins or multiple toddlers, I want to share with you the things I tried that worked for us.

But first, the background story:

I have twin boys who are almost 3.

The year that the twins were 1-year-old, was a pretty good year, school-wise.  It was our first year home schooling, so I gave myself permission to not be perfect.

The twins were happy to sit by me on the couch, drinking their milk, while we did sort of an extended morning time version of home school.  I read aloud and my students narrated.  It was a beautiful time.  By May, as the twins reached 18 months and demanded more attention, school got harder and harder.   With a sigh of relief, we took summer break, and I reassured myself that school would be easier in the fall.  After all, I…

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Is Motherhood a waste of brains?

12 May

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I made it: HP 1205

20 Feb

In January, I took a day to sew something for myself.

HotPatterns 1205 the Genius T.

I love it.

19 Random Facts about Me

28 Oct

1. Do you make your bed everyday?

Yes, (well no, because my husband usually makes it in the morning. But if he doesn’t, then I make it–right before I climb into it at night.)
2. Favorite number?

27 Except for that number, I prefer even numbers. Odd numbers make me feel unsettled.
3. Dream job?

Teaching and writing

4. If you could, would you parallel park?

I avoid this whenever possible. However, if I drove a compact car, I’m sure I could do it.

6. Name a job you had which people would be shocked you had:

I had my securities license and sold insurance and mutual funds.

7. Do you think aliens are real?

Yes, but I think they look like us.

8. Can you drive a stick shift? Yes

9. Guilty pleasure? Project Runway and Regency Romance Novels

10. Tattoo? No. I found out they hurt when you get one.

11. Favorite color? Emerald Green (so jealous of people with May birthdays)

12. Things people do that drive you insane?

When they say they “thought really hard before coming to this decision” almost every time someone says that, it is in defense of a pretty dumb/mean choice or action. Sorry friends, “thinking really hard” about something doesn’t make it the right thing to do.

13. Fear? Lake dwelling brain-eating amoebas

14. Favorite childhood game? Rook and Masterpiece

15. Do you talk to yourself?

Pretty much all the time. Sometimes I narrate my life in 3rd person to myself as it happens. When I ask myself questions and answer sarcastically, I start to get worried that I’m losing it–usually I decide I just need more sleep.

16. Do you like doing puzzles? Yes. Especially with others.

17. Favorite music?

For what? music has reasons.

Sewing & Happy Days: Vivaldi, Bach, Beethoven, Sigur Ross, Showtunes

Fixing bad days: Hymns, Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Road Trips: Beatles, Neil Diamond, show tunes, Group Love, Peter Paul & Mary, John Denver

Angry Days: Melissa Etheridge, Pink, Madonna

Cleaning the house: The Proclaimers, Billy Joel, Elton John, Barry Mannilow

Make myself do something I don’t want to: Rocky Soundtrack
18. Tea or Coffee? Herbal tea if I’m sick or have insomnia

19. First thing you remember you wanted to be when you were growing up?

A teacher