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February 2020

22 May
My Wild Irish Girl

I was talking on the phone to a new friend, and she told me that she was her parent’s “wild Irish girl.” Such an image flashed through my mind that I had to try and draw it. I’ve always loved the illustrations of Trisha Schart Hyman, and drew inspiration from her work. I borrowed a body position from one of her illustrations from “Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins” because balance and weight of figures is something I struggle with. I am so pleased with how my drawing turned out.

February 5: We got enough snow to make several snowmen! They didn’t even look very muddy at first.

Finally, some snow!
Snow-blio from the land of point, where everyone has one.

At Homeschool Co-op I taught a lesson on drawing sea turtles from Deep Space Sparkle Art. The kids really loved this one, each eager to explain to me what their turtle was doing, and why they chose the colors they chose.

Banana Cream Pie’s Sea Turtles (watch out for the alligator!)
Apple Pie’s turtle

February 7: We had a family dance at our church. Apple Pie was my partner for the whole dance. (The resident Captain being gone to Guard Drill.) I loved the atmosphere of fun togetherness of the whole night. I guess I got pretty carried away because I snapped the underwire in my bra while dancing…actually that probably can be blamed on my having to tote a huge four-year-old around the whole night.

Saturday, February 8: The weather was sunny and warm, so I took the little kids to the park. I won the “You must wear Shoes” battle and the “You must wear a Jacket” battle, and caved on the “You must wear long pants” battle.

Wednesday February 14:

For Homeschool art we used chalk and oil pastels to create dancers inspired by Degas.

Degas Dancers

Fancy family dinner with my true loves is my favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my true loves.

Saturday February 15 we begin our new gardening attempt. This will be patterned after the “Back to Eden” gardening method using compost and wood chips. We put down cardboard, which I stole obtained without permission from various recycling dumpsters around town, to kill the lawn grass. Our plan it to turn all the lawn between our house and the road into a glorious food forest of fruit trees, berry bushes, asparagus beds, and tomatoes.

The Man of the House drove all the way to Miami, OK, to get 4 cubic yards of mushroom compost. This is our dirt to grow the plants. In-between the garden beds we are mulching with wood chips to keep the weeds away.

This garden bed took 3 adults working from sunup to sundown with added help from 4 teenage girls. So much work for the “easy” gardening method.

Thursday February 20: Key Lime Pie has been studying bacteria, so today she learned to make yogurt (because it is bacteria that turn milk into yogurt.) She also learned how to read an analog thermometer…bonus!

Friday February 21: Homeschool Co-op was canceled today due to our host family having the respiratory flu, so we did a last minute field trip to the Rogers Arkansas City Museum. It was a great place for a group with a broad range of ages like ours.

Monday February 24: Mother’s Tea Party at the Scooter Pie’s Preschool. Their teachers are amazing. My boys sang “I’m a Little Tea Pot” and they had learned such careful gentlemanly manners.

My little Cheesers

The Skooter Pies Discover Mud.

20 Apr


Spring has arrived, and on one balmy afternoon I let the twins outside, knowing they would find the mud puddles–even though they’d never played in puddles before.  It didn’t take long for them to find the puddles.

Baby Bean and Key Lime Pie (not pictured) joined in the dirty fun. I just sat on the porch and enjoyed watching their excitement and curiosity.

Skeeter likes to dip his head in the water

The downside is that they know about mud now, so they beeline it to the mud puddle every time they get outside.  (Which is pretty often because Skooter learned how to open doors. Curses.)


It was still worth it.

Tasting the muddy driveway gravel.  They had to taste the mud several times. Seriously these boys have refused to taste so many delicious foods, like flan 🍮(!!), but the mud went right into their mouths–more than once!

A muddy bath to extend the fun. And there were little muddy bite marks in the soap when they got out of the tub.  Seriously, I don’t know why I bother cooking.

Muddy paw prints are clues that fun was had today.

In this time of extraordinary pressure, educational and social, perhaps a mother’s first duty to her children is to secure for them a quiet and growing time, a full six years of passive receptive life, the waking part of it for the most part spent out in the fresh air.

Charlotte Mason

Happy Valentines Day!

16 Feb

The Scooter Pies are 18 months old!  Where has the time gone? Stinkin’ cute little cheesers 

In another year and a half, they will be 3 years old!  Life will be so different then!

Zeke (wearing orange) weighs 23 pounds and 13 oz and is about 31 inches tall.  (The nurse wasn’t very careful, so I don’t trust this measurement.)

Skeeter (wearing blue) weighs 25 pounds 5 oz and is about 32 inches tall.

I have moved them into size 2T shirts because suddenly all their 18-month shirt sleeves were about 2 inches short.  They are still wearing size 18-month pants because they have skinny little bums.

I am excited for spring to come so we can spend many more hours a day outside.  The Scooter Pies have already learned way too much about things like Nintendo wii and tablets and smart phones.  I want them to learn about bugs and sticks and dirt and rocks.

We went to the park last week, and they didn’t even try to eat the gravel! yay!!! This summer is going to be fun.

Almost Walking

20 Jun

Skeeter might walk before Zeke

What a coup!

June 17 2016

The Scooter Pies are 9 Months old!

11 May

Zeke (bottom of photo) weighs 19.6 pounds.  He has 6 teeth.  He crawls like the wind.  He is really good at sneaking up on Skeeter and swiping toys or food right out of his hands.   He does funny things, like smack the floor, to make Skeeter laugh.  

Skeeter (top of photo) weighs 20.4 pounds.  He has 4 teeth.  He is quieter, calmer.  But at least once a day he has his happy time where he smiles at everyone and sings happy sounding songs.  He likes to dance also.