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18 Jun

We took the kids to their (and my) first rodeo last night. It was just a small town rodeo, nothing too big or crowded.

I tried to tell the kids what would go on at a rodeo.
They were excited about seeing horses IF they got to ride the horses.

I explained that you had to know how to ride a horse because the riders were competing and you had to be at least 15 or 16, I was sure, to compete.

Then would there be pony rides?

Probably not pony rides, but they might have something my friend told me about called “Mutton Busting” where they let kids ride a sheep.

When we got to our seats at the rodeo, I read off the program to the kids:

Bareback Riding
Steer Wrestling
Calf Scramble for the kids
Team Roping
Barrel Racing
Bull Riding

Ever hopeful of getting to ride something, Pumpkin Pie asked: “How old do you have to be to ride a bear?”