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30 days real life day 7

9 Oct

What happens when I try to fold laundry.  #30drl


30 days of real life day 8

9 Oct

  Now where do I put the groceries?

30 Days of real life day 6

6 Oct

This happened today.  Nothing else matters.
#30 DRL
Today the Scooter Pies are 2 months old!
They have each grown a pound since last week, which is incredible to me.

Zeke is now 11 pounds 3 ounces.

Skeeter is now 12 pounds 5 ounces.  

Today they got their first immunizations.  I was pretty worried about having to calm 2 upset babies.  But they calmed down very quickly.  Next appointment I might bring a friend for backup though. 

Also today Baby/Toddler/Hurricane Beana did a thing that made me wonder:

How would it be to have a post about getting poo off of a couch cushion?  

Perhaps other mothers don’t know that secret?  


Anyway, here is some more sweetness to reward you for reading this far


30 Days Real Life Day 5

5 Oct

 How are your typing skills?

Do you have the keyboard memorized?

This is the keyboard of our laptop.

Since the twins were born, Baby Bean has discovered how fun it is to pry the keys off. Some of them have been broken beyond my skill to replace. #30DRL

30 Days real life day 3

4 Oct

When the captain is gone for a weekend drill, his side of the bed does not stay empty.  The kiddie pies take full advantage of the situation.

Thirty Days of Real Life Day 2

2 Oct


Here is the 15 year old. I got him up at 5:30 a.m. This morning, made him a sack lunch and drove him to early morning semenary. We got to sleep in because swim practice was cancelled. After school I drove up to Joplin to pick him up after his swim meet and get him back to Monett in time to march in the halftime show with the band. (He plays Barry sax) At 10:30 p.m. He is finally done putting away band equipment and we get to go home. Tomorrow, he’ll have to be back at the school at 6 a.m. for a marching competition that will take all day. #30DRL #heonlycomeshometosleep

Thirty Days of Real Life

2 Oct

My cousin started doing “real life” posts in Facebook. As in not just the pretty ideal moments of life but the unpretty ones too.  Today it suddenly seemed like a fun idea.  

I just want to point out though that lots of times people talk about being “honest” and “real” and they mean they are going to tell you all the bad stuff.  But telling all the bad and leaving out all the good is not honest either.  Life is a beautiful mess of good and bad.  

So here’s my real life today:

Here Banana Cream Pie and Hurricane Beana are eating apples for breakfast which they got for themselves while I fed and burped 2 babies (8 weeks old today!) 

Hurricane Beana also helped herself to the Cheerios and milk that the school kids left out this morning. Yes there are Cheerios floating in the milk jug. She woke up after I had fallen back asleep with the twins.  Someone left the baby gate open, so she had access to the kitchen.

Those of you who know how I feel about healthy vs. processed food will know that just the fact that there are Cheerios in the house means I’ve let a lot go for the present.

But, you know what?  It’s okay.  The kids have food to eat.  The floor really needed to be mopped anyway.