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Pintrest Love #2

4 Apr

I refuse to try Twitter. (at least until I have a cell phone with WiFi) and I only like facebook part of the time.

But I LOVE pintrest.

So because I love pintrest, and because Baby Dumpling is still not asleep yet, I have created two jpgs that can be pinned!

I always knew I’d leave my mark on the world.

You’re Welcome


Pintrest Love

16 Oct

I recently discovered that my list of Project links on the side of my blog caused a small problem. Any blog that I linked to that had enabled “links to this post” would show every blog post I made–even though my links was over on the side and not in a specific post. **EMBARASSING**

That prompted me to give Pintrest another try. I’m loving it now, and you can see all the projects I want to make over there now.

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