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Primitive Nativity

17 Dec

It’s Finished!! the pattern is done and up for sale in my etsy store

I owe it all to the encouragement of my wonderful Aunt Lucy who insisted that my little nativity set was marvelous and that the world would love it.

P.S. writing patterns is time consuming and way harder than I imagined!!


"Oh, the cleverness of me"–a handmade nativity

8 Feb

I made this little nativity set because I wanted one that my kids could play with. My aunt says I need to make a pattern up for it and I am working on it. I hope you all are excited. It is just acrylic felt and DMC floss. I am working on making the bottoms flat, so they stand up better.


Three Kings

Holy Family

dialogue between me and my son:
Boy: “Mom, why is there yellow around baby Jesus’s face?”
Me: “Well, I wanted to show that he is from Heaven and special, so I gave him that golden halo.”
Boy: “Why does the wise man have yellow around his face?”
Me: “Umm, well, because he is a king, so he has a golden crown, plus, I like yellow and purple together.”
Boy: “Why don’t the other wise men have yellow, too?”
me: “Sigh. I don’t know.”

I teach the 14 & 15 year old young women at my church. Wednesday night we had a program where we talked about “Be the Girl of your Dreams.” We needed a castle, so I volunteered to make one. I took an old sheet, a sharpie marker and some acrylic paint and panicked. Luckily, my sister, Mary, came over and she gave the the courage to start. I sketched out what I wanted on paper. She suggested that I add in some random stones and said it looked great. So I took a deep breath and attacked the sheet with the sharpie. Then she helped me paint it. We mixed a little water with the paint because the sheet was soaking it up so fast. I am really proud of how well it turned out, even though it was pretty much all luck. The best part is, that now I have the sheet forever for when my kids want to play dress up. Lots of paint soaked through onto my table. Luckily, MOST of it washed off. *whew*

Last of all, I know yesterday, I said I don’t like to put in too many links because it gets overwhelming. I know when I go to other people’s blogs and the link list is a page long, I am like–how could I ever visit all those?
But I had to update my link list because it was woefully short. So, I added some links and I added a description of each one so you all could make better decisions about which ones to try. Rest assured, these are my most favorite blogs, nothing so-so here, only the most marvelous here.