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February 2020

22 May
My Wild Irish Girl

I was talking on the phone to a new friend, and she told me that she was her parent’s “wild Irish girl.” Such an image flashed through my mind that I had to try and draw it. I’ve always loved the illustrations of Trisha Schart Hyman, and drew inspiration from her work. I borrowed a body position from one of her illustrations from “Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins” because balance and weight of figures is something I struggle with. I am so pleased with how my drawing turned out.

February 5: We got enough snow to make several snowmen! They didn’t even look very muddy at first.

Finally, some snow!
Snow-blio from the land of point, where everyone has one.

At Homeschool Co-op I taught a lesson on drawing sea turtles from Deep Space Sparkle Art. The kids really loved this one, each eager to explain to me what their turtle was doing, and why they chose the colors they chose.

Banana Cream Pie’s Sea Turtles (watch out for the alligator!)
Apple Pie’s turtle

February 7: We had a family dance at our church. Apple Pie was my partner for the whole dance. (The resident Captain being gone to Guard Drill.) I loved the atmosphere of fun togetherness of the whole night. I guess I got pretty carried away because I snapped the underwire in my bra while dancing…actually that probably can be blamed on my having to tote a huge four-year-old around the whole night.

Saturday, February 8: The weather was sunny and warm, so I took the little kids to the park. I won the “You must wear Shoes” battle and the “You must wear a Jacket” battle, and caved on the “You must wear long pants” battle.

Wednesday February 14:

For Homeschool art we used chalk and oil pastels to create dancers inspired by Degas.

Degas Dancers

Fancy family dinner with my true loves is my favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my true loves.

Saturday February 15 we begin our new gardening attempt. This will be patterned after the “Back to Eden” gardening method using compost and wood chips. We put down cardboard, which I stole obtained without permission from various recycling dumpsters around town, to kill the lawn grass. Our plan it to turn all the lawn between our house and the road into a glorious food forest of fruit trees, berry bushes, asparagus beds, and tomatoes.

The Man of the House drove all the way to Miami, OK, to get 4 cubic yards of mushroom compost. This is our dirt to grow the plants. In-between the garden beds we are mulching with wood chips to keep the weeds away.

This garden bed took 3 adults working from sunup to sundown with added help from 4 teenage girls. So much work for the “easy” gardening method.

Thursday February 20: Key Lime Pie has been studying bacteria, so today she learned to make yogurt (because it is bacteria that turn milk into yogurt.) She also learned how to read an analog thermometer…bonus!

Friday February 21: Homeschool Co-op was canceled today due to our host family having the respiratory flu, so we did a last minute field trip to the Rogers Arkansas City Museum. It was a great place for a group with a broad range of ages like ours.

Monday February 24: Mother’s Tea Party at the Scooter Pie’s Preschool. Their teachers are amazing. My boys sang “I’m a Little Tea Pot” and they had learned such careful gentlemanly manners.

My little Cheesers

January 2020

22 May
The Scooter Pies play many games of Forbidden Island and Sushi Go! with mom
Watercolor narrations from “As You Like It” clockwise from top left: by Tamale Pie, Key Lime Pie, and Cherry Pie
Key Lime Pie’s Bear Family
Banana Cream Pie’s Baby Seal
Apple Pie’s Brown Bear
Pumpkin Pie goes to Homecoming Dance

Happy 11th Birthday, Key Lime Pie!

4 Oct


My spunky Key Lime Pie is 11! She loves Yu-gi-oh and horses and has turned into a great reader. She loves playing sports with the high-school boys at our home school co-op and board games with us all. She gives me a hug and tells me she loves me every night and still loves to be tickled and snuggled. Her generous heart and lively energy add lots of fun to our family.


She got new earbuds and “The Wild Robot”  by Robert Brown, as well as 2 unique sibling designed Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and a poster of herself as Yu-Gi-Oh (drawn by Blueberry Pie).

For her birthday we decorated Haunted Houses and Halloween Cookies with Aunt Amanda.



A craft stash is for

5 Oct

When you decide at noon that the girls coming to your 10-year-old’s birthday party at 4pm that day need a party favor to take home.

Then you get out the piece of blue fleece left over from making a pillow for cousin Emily last year,

the ribbon from a box of lace that a sweet granny at church gave you when she decided to reduce her stash,

the fiber fill stuffing your friend gave you when it was left over from reupholstering a chair,

googley-eyes left over from a preschool project,

And E6000 glue because glue.

Enlist the help of your minions, and less than 2 hours later, you have blue cuteness.

Just enough time to clean-up the house…or catch a nap before eight 10-year-olds descend upon you en masse.

Key Lime Pie is 7

4 Oct

Key Limer Pie is seven!  Where has the time gone?
Her favorite song is “Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree.”  She also loves “Everything is Awesome” from the Lego Movie.

Her favorite foods are Raman Noodles and Macaroni & Cheese (from the store.  None of the yucky homemade from scratch stuff.) 

Her favorite color is baby blue.


Her favorite things to do are play Pokemon outside and board games like Dixit! and Blokus and card games like Love Letter and Munchkin.

For her birthday she got a whole bag of 20 something tiny Pokemon figurines to have battles with.  Also she got her very own bag of gummy bears.

She requested cinnamon rolls (the delicious homemade kind) for her birthday dessert.  

Key Lime Pie is Six

5 Oct

Key Lime Pie turned 6.  She went to Kindergarten this fall.  After school started, I was feeling pretty weird.  It took me awhile, but I finally realized that weird feeling was loneliness.  She has been my buddy for 5 1/2 years and now she isn’t home to talk to me or beg me to play Uno and Monopoly and Parcheesee.  She loves Kindergarten and her teacher, and she loves to have me check Class Dojo every day to see all the good things she did at school.  

She loves Uno so much that even if she can win, she will pretend she doesn’t have the right card and draw a whole bunch to keep the game going.

What is you favorite color?  Orange

What is your favorite song?  Hot Cross Buns 

What is your favorite food?  Hot dog

What is your favorite candy? Swedish fish or crabby patties 

What is your favorite game? Uno

What is your favorite thing to do?  Play in the snow

“I’m the real batman so I don’t have to take off my mask [at the dinner table].”


Key Lime Pie

8 Jan


Key Lime Pie turned 5 in October.

She is as wild and enthusiastic about life as ever.

Her favorite food is oatmeal (uncooked) with milk and raisins and honey, Ramen Noodles, and Macaroni and Cheese. Unlike Banana Cream Pie, she refuses to eat pretty much everything else.

She loves toy horses and playing baby ponies.

Her favorite thing is to go play with friends or at the park, but she will settle for playing Super Mario Smash Brothers Brawl on the wii or UNO with me.

She is my only child who truly likes putting puzzles together.