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Summer Work

15 Jun

We are working on the outside of the house this summer.  Some things (like the stucco and flowers) we have known all along that we needed and wanted to do and some (like the paint color) took awhile for us to realize what it needed to be.  For maximum drama impact,  I wanted to wait to post pictures until it’s all done.  But it’s so beautiful, I can’t help myself.  So here’s a little taste of what the DH has been up to on weekends.

Doesn’t it look like somewhere you would  like to go for vacation?  It does to me!

I have a sink!

16 May

My half-bath finally has an operational sink! Isn’t it beautiful? It is real talavera from Mexico and the DH finally got it installed last night.

I’m going to go wash my hands again 🙂

Heat :)

5 Apr

Did I mention my birthday/Thanksgiving present last year?


Shame on me. I meant to. I totally posted it in my head at least twice.

My Dad installed a new super capacity Water Heater in my house and finally hooked up the hot water pipes that run through our floor.

All winter long we have been warm and toasty.

It may be hard for you to imagine a tile floor that feels toasty warm to the touch. but that is how my floor is. And it heats the air (by convection). The whole downstairs is warm without any cold spots or drying out like central heat does.
And, since the water heater is propane, all I need is 1 deep cycle battery to run the water pump and we can have heat even when there is no electricity.

Sweet, huh.

The pipes all come in right in front of the stove, which is why the princess pies are all curled up like cats in front of it. I have my favorite spot to stand in the morning while I make breakfast.

You can actually feel on the tile, the warmer paths where the pipes are and the cooler paths in between. We left it on once, thinking if we ran the floor long enough, it would even out. But the house got too hot, so I had to turn it off.

I love love love love my radiant floor heat.
I also love my winter electric bill.