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Toss Your Cares and Curls Away

23 Mar

I’ve been considering getting my hair cut for 3 months. The traditional “I have a new baby haircut.” I didn’t want to cut it just because though. However, I’ve gotten so tired of fixing my hair and styling my hair that I was ready to break something with my flat iron. My hair had got longer than it’s been in 13 years. I fixed it beautifully many times. Sadly, I have no pictures of those amazing hairdos because I’m always behind the camera–which is really sad since I take such poorly composed photos and can’t seem to drum up enough energy to care.

But, like I said, I was done with the fuss and getting out the door is such an ordeal these days–I wanted to simplify the process. Plus my scalp has gone insane. I blame hormones.

Here is a before picture. See I couldn’t even bring myself to fix it for posterity.

Here is the picture I took to the hair salon:

Wouldn’t that have been stunning? Sigh.

Here is what I got:

It’s not even close. I wanted angled. I got square. Blocky. Totally wrong for my face, and completely NOT WHAT I SPECIFICALLY ASKED FOR.

At first, I thought maybe it was just because I made such a drastic change that I was having problems with the cut. But I realized it was really because I didn’t get what I asked for. After some encouragement from friends, I went back to the salon and a different stylist fixed it as much as she could to be actually an angled bob.

This I can live with.
Part of me feels like I was being shallow to fuss so much about a haircut that was probably fine. The other part of me is like


2 Samuel 14:26
And when he polled his head, (for it was at every year’s end that he polled it: because the hair was heavy on him, therefore he polled it:) he weighed the hair of his head at two hundred shekels after the king’s weight.

P.S. My scale reads no differently after my haircut. Stupid scale.

Summer Cuts II

4 Jun

Here are the much cooler, hair cutted, Sweetie Pies. The tank tops are because it is 90 deg and I haven’t turned on the air conditioner.

you can see from the back that Pumpkin Pie’s isn’t quite straight. But she tilts her head so much that it is hard to notice when she is moving around

They are A-line cuts. Which is different than an A-line skirt. A little language thing that always bugs me.

Cutie Pie got a baby hair cut.

After looking at how sweaty she is even after the hair cut, I turned on the a/c.


3 Jun

Okay. It seems that the 1st Lieutenant who sometimes resides in my house took MY camera with him to his State Emergency Tornado Cleanup Duty. Thus I can provide no pictures of the murderously short summer haircuts. (Which looked better in the light of day next morning, thankfully.) So if I wish to blog, I must content myself with blogging about something for which I already have pictures.

That means I have to tell a story on myself.

Sigh. Here Goes….

As you will note in the following picture, some people in my family have great eyebrows. Some people meaning all of my sisters.

Don’t they look fabulous? p.s. this little pouf hairstyle is the one that earned me the polygamous hair comment from a friend. My sometimes resident 1LT reluctantly admitted upon questioning that it seemed a little old fashioned. I said, “But so & so wears her hair like that.” He laughed and said, “Yeh, she does.” Apparently that was not good defense on my part. dang’t

So about a year ago, I decided that kempt brows would help with making me look more like I cared how I look (You can always tell a cheerleader/soccer mom by her thin eyebrows, even if she has no makeup, a messy ponytail and sweats on. You can also tell her by how skinny and tan she is, but I have limits. No offense intended to any of my readers who are skinny or like to tan a lot. I still love you, my skin just genetically will not tan. Plus I fear cancer.)

I got my brows waxed for my birthday. After that I tried to keep them up myself. Last summer, while in Dallas for Mary Kay Seminar, I sat down in front of one of those lighted magnifying mirrors. It was amazing. I could see every little hair. I got a little carried away and perhaps overplucked a bit. (alot) In my defense, I think I had low blood sugar and it affected my judgement.

exhibit A:

Several months later it was again my birthday and I mentioned that perhaps I would go have my brows waxed.

My sometimes resident 1LT said, “Just don’t go to the place you went last time. They gave you old lady eyebrows.”

me (!!!! no way am I admitting I did that to myself!!!)

“Was it that bad? You didn’t say anything at the time.”

Him: “Well, you really couldn’t do anything about it, so no point in making you feel bad.”

Me: “Don’t worry, I won’t go back there.” (note to self: Never pick up tweezers without having eaten something first. ever.)

I’d like to interject here that he said it all very nicely and picked just the right time to tell me when I could appreciate his advice and not have my feelings hurt. I really was glad to have been warned away from making the same mistake twice. So don’t be hating the 1LT.

I think I’m doing better as the first pic in this post and the following one show.

Meh, I don’t know. My eyebrows are still more round than angled. The thing is, I have round eyebrows. Just do. No getting around it. ha ha… around it … round eyebrows… whew! I should get some sleep.

The thing is, I can’t sleep tonight. It’s one of those nights where I keep thinking of all the ways I fell short today and what a terrible selfish mother / friend I am. Sigh. I just have to do better tomorrow and be grateful that most of my friends are the really forgiving type. You know, the kind who always look at dumb things you do or say and think of the most positive wonderful reason why you did/said that. The kind who know I meant well even if it all came out horribly wrong.

I love you guys.

You help me to have hope that I can be better.


Summer Hair Cuts

31 May

My GirlFriends’ Guide to Pregnancy says that under no circumstances are you to ever do something drastic during pregnancy–like getting a new hair cut.

After tonight, I am sure it should also say that under no circumstances should you ever cut your childrens’ hair when you are pregnant.

Pictures to follow tomorrow morning when the girls are awake.

Lucky for them, they are so cute that they still look cute with my murderous hack job hair cuts.

Also, lucky for them, my insanity stopped short of giving them bangs like they asked for. At least I knew that would be a disaster.

Lucky for me, the Man of the House is gone for 2-3 weeks with the National Guard helping clean up the Joplin tornado. Maybe their hair will grow back enough that I can take them to someone who knows what they are doing and have it fixed.


22 Mar

So, I don’t know about you, but I loathe it when people whine or complain on facebook. Maybe it is because whining on facebook is usually something like: “I’m so tired of this weather” or “I’m so tired of people who judge” or “I’m so tired of being pregnant” or just plain “I’m so tired.”

Whining and complaining on a blog, however, is totally fine. Why? you ask. It has to do with the fact that a blog post is longer than a one line status update. So you can explain how you feel in a more exact way–what’s really bothering you.

Plus, blog whiners usually put in a little gimme like- “I know I’m just being a baby about this and I should really be grateful right now, but I just feel whiney….” So I can totally relate to that. They know they are being a baby and acknowlege it

And then, there are times when people have truly, deeply sad things happen and that is worthy of a blog post. A one-liner on facebook is too trivial to handle that kind of hurt.

What do you think? Does whining on facebook bother you?

hmmm. that sounded cranky. I’m really not cranky today. I am totaly wiped out! P90X plyometrics. Not for the faint of heart. It is now 1 1/2 hours since I finished working out and my face is finally close to normal color. It was a flaming beet red. Is that bad, in your opinion? I may not get much done today. Moving hurts. (whine whine whine–I know, when I can fit into my size 12 jeans I’ll be so glad I did this–so you don’t have to feel bad for me. I’m glad I’m doing it! Victory will be S-W-E-E-T.)

I have complained on facebook, much to my shame. And it wasn’t very satisfying, let me tell you. By the time I was over it, people were still commenting sympathetically and I felt so shallow. What happened was, I got a haircut on Valentine’s day. I showed the girl in the hair salon a picture of what I wanted and she talked alot about doing this or that and I said that sounds good and I wound up with the haircut she had instead.

This is what she did. After 4 weeks, I can almost make my hair look like how she styled it. Thank goodness I have a super awesome flat iron.

I felt okay about it until I got home. Then I had a complete meltdown and ate a bunch of chips and Nacho Cheese (and whined on facebook shamefully. In my defense, it was not a one-liner.) Then I ratted my hair like this.

Then I laughed at myself and I was fine. Besides, the haircut does look modern and like I know what is going on in the world–which was the ultimate goal. I was tired of people telling me I looked like a runaway from Little House on the Prairie or an escaped polygamist. Sheesh! How much more black eyeliner do I need to add?

The princesses all wanted to get in on the silly messy hair pictures.

One of the reasons I was originally upset about the haircut was that I had set my heart on bangs, and I couldn’t see any when she styled my hair. But I found them. So I felt better.

This is another look I have not been able to replicate again. Too bad. Nobody would tell me I looked like a polygamist if my hair was like this.

Much Better

6 Jun

I leaned something profound today.

Something rather life-changing.

A day which doesn’t begin well can be made much better if the Man of the House cooks dinner.

These Chipotle Lime marinated shrimp were muy delicioso. It is a secret recipe that DH found on the internet and made more secret by adding garlic and cilantro.

Also, I have to brag on my kids, who finished their first sewing projects. (“Finished” being key, as the both have begun things in the past which never reached completion.) Way to go Cherry Pie and Bubba

Cherry Pie over decorated hers. I started stressing out and then I took a deep breath and reminded myself that it was her little bag and she could have it how she wanted.

And Cutie Pie got her first hair cut–which makes me a little sad, because I can’t do these piggy tails any more. But she already seems cooler, so it is worth the sacrifice.


8 May

Thank you, all of my wonderful friends who left your suggestions and sympathy.

After reading through your comments and doing some soul searching, I realized that what I was hoping everyone would say was “CUT IT and Cut it NOW”

I decided that I really hated the shape of my hair, not necessarily the length. So, armed with new vocabulary like “long bob” (thanks Sarah) and “less layers” (thanks Mamabyrd) I went to a new haircutting place where the DH often goes. I like it there because the stylists don’t make me feel like a hillbillie when I walk in. I sat in the chair and Betty, my new BFF, asked me a million questions until she understood both my hair and my unhappiness. Then she provided a solution that made me happy and kept my hair as long as possible.

And because TheLeader and JillS are right, I still plan on dying it –because that is too fun to skip. I just have to find that box ….. Here’s a photo of the new happier me in the mean time. And the lighting is bad enough, you can get an idea for how I’ll look with darker hair, which it will be.

The DH is contemplating what it will be like to be married to a goth chick. He’s intrigued.

Hair 911!

3 May

Okay, I need advice. Hair advice. My hair is making me crazy right now. It is a horrible cut. I have to spend 30-40 minutes with a curling iron and mousse to beat it into reasonable submission. I don’t have that kind of time on a daily basis.

I want to chop it all off like this:

or this

See, I need something that can be cute fast. I have 5 kids, a house to clean, meals to cook, 10 piano students to teach and a Mary Kay business to look after. I loved this cut. All my girlfriends loved it to and I got tons of compliments each day.

However, there is one person who didn’t love it.

You guessed it, my DH. He is wishing for something like this:

This is 4 years ago and was an exceptionally good hair day for me.

The thing is. I’m probably 6-12 months away from that kind of length–if I start remembering to take my vitamins. What do I do between now and then?

Plus, with all the effort, will the DH dole out compliments generously to compensate for said effort? Probably not.

The other day he remarked that I looked “nice”. Now, just to clarify, that remark made me much happy. Also, remarks of that nature happen about twice a month these days, sometimes weekly–which is a much higher frequency than the first 10 years of our marriage.

So I’m happy and, you know, grateful for the improvement in positive feedback.

And yet, can you picture me as I spent an hour on my hair that morning? before dashing off to deliver Mary Kay, grocery shop, and knock out my visiting teaching. Do you suppose I was thinking, “I sure hope my husband thinks I look ‘nice’ today.”

“Nice” just doesn’t quite make up for the near anxiety attack that I have every time I walk out the door, stressing out about my hair.

I realize that it is a little crazy that I am freaking out about my hair. But here’s the thing. I have control over my hair. I can do stuff to it. I often do things to my hair when other things that are bothering me are beyond my control. –hence the fact that I always cut my hair about 2 weeks before I give birth. There is stuff going on in my life right now that I have no control over and it sucks. So instead of worrying over it, I am obsessing over my hair.

So what do you think? Cut it? Not cut it? Mousse it? Dye it? Perm it? To hell with it?

I obsessively await your ideas. Don’t worry. I’m only checking the computer every 5 minutes. The rest of the time I am distracting myself with chocolate and avocados.

Some New Helpers

16 Jun

Armed and Ready

with new Lethal weapons

Put into action


9 Jun

So I just stumbled across the world of blogging moms who create amazing things with their little girls’ hair and I am so excited to try all this on my 3 guinea pigs!!!

Hair Today

Girl Hairdoos & Ideas

I don’t want to use their pictures, So I gave it a try even though it was past bed time. I hope I can find a blog with some basic tips for neatness.

I am excited because
#1 I love braids and now I have pictures to prove to the 3 Divas that other little girls let their moms braid their hair.

#2 Creating a new I-Love-You ritual/routine for each day with my girls

I’ll keep you posted on my success/miserable failure