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Thoughts on Johnson Grass

17 Oct


When I was a kid, one of the chores my brothers & sisters & I had every morning through the summer was to weed a row in the family garden. Since my parents grew an enormous and super abundant garden, this was no small task. I believe most of the rows were 50-70 feet long. It was a chore we all hated, and I remember many a time weeding my row with rebellion in my soul. Now I look back on those times in the garden as a family as some of the best times we had. We were all outside working together. We would sing silly songs like

“There’s a Hole in my Bucket”

“If I get to Heaven Before You Do” -we made up extra verses to this one
“Johnny Verbeck”

and pretty songs in a round like
“I love the mountains”
“White Coral Bells”
“Horsey, Horsey, on your Way”

But I digress. Going back to when it was a hated chore–no one wanted to weed, but no one was slow to get started because the last one out got the worst row. Some rows had more sticker weeds than others, and those were no fun. But the worst row was the row with the most Johnson Grass choking it.

Johnson grass looks a great deal like a young corn plant. But as you can see in the picture above, it has huge roots, including fat white tuber roots. You cannot just grab the top of a Johnson grass plant and pull it out of the ground. The top will rip off, leaving the root behind, and the plant will grow back. If you carefully loosen the roots and pull out the whole root & plant, you still cannot just drop the Johnson grass on the ground like an ordinary weed. If the roots are still touching the dirt, they will latch back on and the plant will revive and grow. The only way to kill Johnson grass that we knew of, was to extract it, complete with roots and throw it on an old piece of tin Dad kept at the end of the rows we were weeding. On the tin where it was prevented from touching the ground, the Johnson grass would wither in the sun and die after a few days.

I think that people are a lot like Johnson grass. Here we are on Earth, growing. Sometimes life rips our leaves off. Sometimes Satan puts us through such a hard time that we feel completely uprooted. But as long as we keep praying and reading our scriptures–as long as we keep digging ourselves back into that good nourishing word of God–we will revive and keep growing. It is only when we become separated from the nourishment we need that we wither and die.

The difference is, we are not weeds in God’s garden. He wants us there! It is Satan who is trying to pull us out. And it is our choice if we allow ourselves to be thrown up on that piece of tin and scorched. Satan can rip us up and rip us apart, but he can’t separate us from the Lord. We separate ourselves from the Lord or we can cling to Him and find renewal.

This is me recommitting to be more faithful in studying daily my scriptures.
❤ GlowWorm

Tulip Babies

6 Feb

As part of the AWESOME “Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice” Apron swap I am in, I won a gift basket of flower bulbs from Bev of Bevie’s Blooms. I am so happy about it.

They came in the mail this week in a very pretty tin. I showed the bulbs to Diva 2 and Diva 3. I explained that we would get some special dirt (potting soil) and plant the bulbs and they would grow into flowers. I read the names of the flowers off the little bags. There were



and tulips.

Later, Diva 3 asked me, “Now can we go get the special dirt for the “tulip babies?”