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Mom uniform 

13 May

Awhile ago (it’s Christmas time in the picture, so almost 6 months ago) 

I decided that I needed a Mom uniform.  Something that would feel comfortable, yet not feel like I was still wearing my pajamas (I’m talking about you, yoga pants.)  

Something that could stand up to being swiped& splashed with various body fluids all day long.  Especially baby drool & spit up.  

Something that would hold up under many washings.  (See previous)

I asked myself, “What job do people have who take care of others all day, and where contact with body fluids is a high probability?”


so I bought myself a pair of scrubs. 

I love them. 

They are comfortable.

They have pockets. Lots of pockets! Pockets that fit my phone!

Being washed frequently is not destroying them.

If I do leave the house unexpectedly to run to Walmart or pick up kids somewhere, I look like a decent working person and not someone whose photo needs to be blasted on social media.  ( 

This is a win.  I ❤️ scrubs.

**caveat:  scrubs probably won’t work as well for you if you are a nursing mom.  

12 days and counting

7 Jul

Season 12 of Project Runway begins July 19 at 8pm. Happy Sigh.


My Beautiful Tyrants

24 Jan

IMG_5611Merry Christmas Hats from Aunt Katie

We love them.

Gasp! Be Still My Heart

20 Jul
Prada’s gone Steampunk for fall.
More delicious goodness here.
I still might faint.
Nothing looks as good as a well cut suit on a well groomed man.
Dear Husband, I know I’ve been begging for you to get these.
But I’ve come to my senses.  I’ll settle for this.