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This is Good Time Management

16 Feb

Blueberry Pie got his driver’s license!

My daily life has changed so much.  No longer do I have to pick him up from seminary and drive him to school.  No longer do I have to pick him up from school and drive him to swim practice or life guard duty at the YMCA.  No longer do I have to drive him to Academic Bowl or basketball games or football games or Wednesday night activities.

I literally have 2 hours a day (or more) to get things done at home that I used to spend in the car.  I suspect I will listen to less audio books and home school & mothering podcasts.  But I am spending more time on my scripture study, my home school preparation, actual home school lessons, my laundry, and my blogging.

Its a sweet deal to suddenly be handed 2 new hours a day.


Thirty Days of Real Life Day 2

2 Oct


Here is the 15 year old. I got him up at 5:30 a.m. This morning, made him a sack lunch and drove him to early morning semenary. We got to sleep in because swim practice was cancelled. After school I drove up to Joplin to pick him up after his swim meet and get him back to Monett in time to march in the halftime show with the band. (He plays Barry sax) At 10:30 p.m. He is finally done putting away band equipment and we get to go home. Tomorrow, he’ll have to be back at the school at 6 a.m. for a marching competition that will take all day. #30DRL #heonlycomeshometosleep

Blueberry Pie is 15

11 Jul

Can you believe this cute little baby 

Is now grown into this handsome boy?

I’m struggling to believe it myself and I’ve been around for the growing.

This is what he wanted for his birthday.

Classy, no?  He used it to pick up girls at the last church dance and was very pleased with his success.   He knows how to be funny without crossing the line into stupid and annoying.  I appreciate that a lot.  

He likes reading good books, listening to Jazz, and drawing, which are things I’m very happy about.

He also likes playing xbox games where much killing happens, listening to computer game soundtracks, and teasing his sisters, which I’m not so thrilled about.  

Blueberry Pie is pretty constantly hungry.  His favorite snack is “chips and cheese” which is tortilla chips and shredded cheddar.  I buy 2 boxes of tortilla chips and a 5 lb bag of cheddar cheese every month to keep up with this hunger.  He also eats lots of yogurt and raw oatmeal and pretty much anything I will warm up for him.  He does not like stir fry.

He is now over a 1/2″ taller than his father.  I’ve been having to buy him new jeans every 6 months for the past 2 years as he has grown taller.  He is not taller than I am yet.

Blueberry plays baritone saxophone in the high school band and jazz band.  He knows how to rock it.  He really is very cool.   

He likes to tell me about his dreams, which are always very vivid and take a very long time to describe.  His favorite time to talk is after 9 pm, when I have announced absolutely non-negotiable bed time.  I am always torn between finally hearing what is going on in his life and my own need for sleep.

Before he goes to bed at night, he will come over and bend his head sideways until he just bumps my head.  Then he says, “Night, Mom.”