Four-Year Old Jokes

9 Aug

The Scooter Pies turned four this week.

Pumpkin Pie made their cakes:

A Goomba from Super Mario World

And a Smash ball from Smash Bros Brawl.

These little guys seem super grown up suddenly.

Zeek gets super offended if we call him “Baby” or refer to his room as “the babies’ room”

“I not a baby!” He cries.

Zeke’s favorite color is dark blue and light blue.

His favorite game is Smash Bros. His favorite food is saltine crackers and little breakfast sausage links. His favorite treat is fruit snacks. His favorite animal is a lion. His favorite song is “Ducky” (which is a song he and Skeeter made up in which they sing the word “ducky” over and over.) His favorite bedtime story is “Green Eggs and Ham.”

Skeeter’s favorite color is red. His favorite game is Temple Run. His favorite food is chicken nuggets. His favorite treat is cake. His favorite animal is a moose. His favorite song is the Smash Bros Song.

Skeeter’s favorite place to go is the park. His favorite bedtime story is “The very Hungry Caterpillar.”

A conversation they had tonight while I was trying to get them to go to sleep:

Skeeter: we want Taco Tuesday

Zeke: Yeah, and the we want Taco Threesday.

S: And then we want Taco Foursday!

Z: (laughing delightedly) then Taco Fivesday!

S: (laughing hysterically) and then sixday, seven eight ninesday!!

Both of them collapse laughing

Z: we missed Taco Onesday.

Me: how are they so smart? Also, I think Taco Ninesday should be a thing.

As I typed this,,Zeke recognized the word “Taco” on screen. What? They might be reading. Before they start preschool.

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