The Pink Kitty Is The Important Thing.

30 Mar

I made this doll in December and gave her to Banana Cream Pie for her 5th birthday.  

Banana Cream Pie burst into tears, threw the dolly on the floor and screamed at me that she did not want this for her birthday.  

None of my other children have ever acted like that.  

So I put the dolly away, thinking maybe I’d give her to someone who’d love her, a niece or a friend’s daughter.  But not ready to part with her yet.  

Banana Cream Pie found dolly the other day and said, “When are you going to make her a pink kitty? You said you would.”  Did I?   

She pestered me all Sunday afternoon until I sat down with some felt and made a pink kitty.  Now  dolly is acceptable, I guess.  

I’m pretty sure a pink kitty by itself would have gotten as good or better reviews. I’m still asking myself if it’s my fault that I have an ungracious child. Nature? Nurture?  Who knows.  

I actually have pieces for 4 more dolls cut out, but not the heart to make them up yet.  You can find the pattern free over at Make it and Love It, but I can’t guarantee you child will love it.  I sure think it’s a cute pattern.  The only alteration I made from the instructions was to make the doll hair out of flannel instead of felt for durability.  


2 Responses to “The Pink Kitty Is The Important Thing.”

  1. withwingswesoar March 31, 2017 at 7:31 AM #

    I think its adorable 😊 but I think it is cuter with the kitty lol. To me, it resembles the Lalaloopsy dolls with their pets my daughter use to have. Maybe your daughter had the idea in her head about both the doll & the kitty that wasn’t complete when you gave her just the doll? I know mine do that occasionally. But, I do think its a very cute set👍

    • GlowWorm March 31, 2017 at 8:00 AM #

      I think you might be right about her having a definite idea of what it would be like. That’s her all over. I did model the kitty on a La-La-Loopsy pet!

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