Feeding the Twins

12 May

True confessions time:  the Mommy thing I really don’t like to do is spooning baby food into babies’ mouths.

Spoon the mashed whatever into baby’s mouth.  (Baby immediately spits most of it out again.) Scrape it back off baby’s chin.  Spoon it into baby’s mouth again.  Repeat endlessly.  The process makes me want to scream.  It makes my skin crawl and my brain feel like it’s shredding.

With my other 7 kids, I decided pretty quickly that the whole baby food thing was over rated.  My babies were breastfed.  They were already getting the best nutrition any baby could get.  I waited until they were old enough to put things in their mouths by themselves and then let them just feed themselves stuff like small banana pieces and Graham crackers.

The twins are on formula.  So this is a whole new ball game. Carrots and sweet potatoes are a more natural food than the engineered formula powder. Plus if the Scooter Pies eat baby food, then they will need to drink lees formula.

So when they were 6 months old.  I started attempting to feed them rice cereal and then sweet potatoes and applesauce.

It has been a little crazy making.  I’ve always complained a bit about the fact that most of my day revolves around feeding the horde of kiddie pies.  Get up in time to cook breakfast. Serve breakfast.  Clean up from breakfast. Snack for preschoolers.  Make & Serve lunch, clean up from lunch.  After school snack.  Cook dinner, serve dinner, clean up from dinner. Day Gone.

But I reached new levels of food slavery this spring.

The DH would come home from work and ask, “what’s new?”

“Nothing is new,” I’d say.  “I spent the last two hours spooning food into babies’ mouths.”

Mercifully, the scooter pies are now good enough at swallowing that I don’t have to feed them the same spoonful of food several times.

They can feed themselves crackers and bread bits.  So that is awesome.

Also feeding them both at the same time is less boring than feeding one baby. Someone is always ready for their next bite.  I don’t have to wait for chewing & swallowing.


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