Multiple Book Series are the Worst

20 Apr

Things I dislike about Multiple book series:

Not all stories are well written enough to deserve 3 (or more) volumes. I resent having to read 5 books to get to the end of the poor written story.

 If the volumes can’t stand alone, thats even worse. 

The obligatory recap chapter at the beginning of every book after the first. UGH! And also, the little reminders about what happened in the last books, apparently these are supposed to help anyone who didn’t read book 1 or had to wait a year for book 2 (3-4-5). 

 But what they actually do is bore me and make me feel like the author thinks I’m too dumb to remember basic plot events.

There are never reminders about the really important tiny details (that I sometimes do forget ) that turn out to be the clue to everything. (Like remember her scarf had tassels? That’s going to be important later.)

Things that reconcile me to the multiple volume novels:

 Harry Potter



Oh and 

The Lord of the Rings

Little House on the Prairie 

Ramona the Pest

I would like to point out that 3 of the 4 series on my list did not employ the recap chapter. Because it is lame.

The end

(Sike! To be continued multiple times)


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