The Scooter Pies are 5 Months Old!

12 Jan

             Zeke     And              Skeeter
Skeeter weighs 17 pounds 4 ounces now.  
Zeke weighs less.

They smile and laugh and babble at us.  They are both ticklish.

Skeeter is pretty good at rolling from front to back, and stays content on the blanket for longer.  

Zeke just fusses until someone flips him.  

They are so cute, I think I might die almost every day from cuteness overload.

They got haircuts for the new year because their hairs were just too scraggly.  


 This is Zeke (left) and Skeeter (right) before the haircuts.     


2 Responses to “The Scooter Pies are 5 Months Old!”

  1. cewinta January 14, 2016 at 6:13 PM #

    They are so cute! 😀

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