Lazy Halloween Mom

11 Jan

   For Halloween Banana Cream Pie wanted to be “a sloth in a tree”. Thanks, Diego.  I think she was the cutest sloth ever, if face paint counts as enough of a costume.  All the kids chimed in to convince her (since I was such a slacker.  Also, in my defense, I thought she meant squirrel until the day of Halloween and I had gotten brown fabric, which was not the gray she wanted.)
Key Lime Pie was happy to be a fairy.  

So fairy like she is.
Cherry Pie chose a costume from the dress up box that allowed her to wear a mustache.

Pumpkin Pie was Pocahontas.  I sewed the brown shift out of flannel.  She figured out the rest.  

Blueberry Pie really wanted to be Corvo
He made a freaking awesome mask from cardboard. (I can appreciate the skill even though I prefer Corvo without the scary mask)

I really wanted to make him the skinny steampunk black trench coat.  Really.

But I had to bow to reality.  I did not have the hours to make that coat while taking care of 2-month old twins.  I begged his forgiveness and have promised to make the coat next Halloween.  

Instead He did a pretty convincing impression of one of my favorite TV characters ever:

 Steve Urkel

We convinced Bean to be a horse so she could get candy.  But immedieately when  we got home, she wanted the costume off.  

We had some fun with mustaches   
  We even prepped a pumpkin for carving, but he never got a face.

Banana Cream Pie experienced scooping the gloop.


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