Baby Bean is Officially 2

11 Jan

She is still a baby.

She is still the terror of the house.

She is still bent on destroying every thing we own.  (That’s nail polish on her face.) 

She is also just delightful.  I love to play “This Little Piggy” with her toes while she giggles.

When she is going to get what she wants, she runs towards it with a “Ya-hoo!!”

She loves to play outside.  She loves to pretend that she is a kitty.  

She is very efficient with her language. Before the Scooter Pies were born, she mostly just pointed and yelled when she wanted something.  This was effective, so she did not try anything else.  After the Scooter Pies’ birth, Baby Bean  discovered that she had to talk a little because she had to rely on someone besides Mom to get her what she wanted.  She bumped up her language just enough to be understood by more of the family and halted there.  

She calls both of the Scooter pies “Ant”. When we try to differentiate, she ignores us.  All the big sisters are one name, “Na Na.”  

She has several words that are actually whole sentences:

“Wa-doin?” Means “What are you doing?”  If you answer this query, she will say “Oh.”  In a very matter of fact way as if all is clear to her now.  Then she will repeat her question. “Wa-do-in?”  You can give the same answer.  She will say, “Oh.”  Again. And so it repeats. 

She also says “Ont-ilk”

When you give her milk. She will say “Kankyouwelcome”

Crazy kid.



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