Thirty Days of Real Life

2 Oct

My cousin started doing “real life” posts in Facebook. As in not just the pretty ideal moments of life but the unpretty ones too.  Today it suddenly seemed like a fun idea.  

I just want to point out though that lots of times people talk about being “honest” and “real” and they mean they are going to tell you all the bad stuff.  But telling all the bad and leaving out all the good is not honest either.  Life is a beautiful mess of good and bad.  

So here’s my real life today:

Here Banana Cream Pie and Hurricane Beana are eating apples for breakfast which they got for themselves while I fed and burped 2 babies (8 weeks old today!) 

Hurricane Beana also helped herself to the Cheerios and milk that the school kids left out this morning. Yes there are Cheerios floating in the milk jug. She woke up after I had fallen back asleep with the twins.  Someone left the baby gate open, so she had access to the kitchen.

Those of you who know how I feel about healthy vs. processed food will know that just the fact that there are Cheerios in the house means I’ve let a lot go for the present.

But, you know what?  It’s okay.  The kids have food to eat.  The floor really needed to be mopped anyway.



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