Baby Bean is 19 months old

31 Jul


She might be the most delightful baby ever.  

She started life deliciously chubby and has remained so.  In the last 6 months, she has grown 3 inches and gained 3 pounds.  (In Comparison, Banana Cream Pie took all of the last year to gain 2 inches and 2 pounds.)

She is pretty happy if she has a bottle of milk in her hand at all times.  

When she walks, she plants her whole foot on the ground at once in almost a stomp.  She knows where she is going.  She knows what she wants.  

Baby Bean only has a few words and most of them are of the kind that require an exclamation point following:

Ta da!

Uh Uh!  (Said as in “no” but she uses it for “yes” and “no”)

Hey!  (Give me back that toy) 

Mom! (Come get me out of my crib)

Thank you!


For anything else, she just points and yells until we figure out what it is.  

Most of the time she plays quietly and I am lulled into complacency.  Suddenly, she will enter the room with toothpaste smeared all over her body (or marker, or peanut butter) and I will realize that Hurricane Beana struck again.   

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