Because Twins- part 1

27 Apr


I’ve only known since March 20.  Only for a little over a month.  But it feels like months and months– a year.

We will be having twins this summer.

Identical boys.

This is my 8th pregnancy and until a month ago, I thought I had this pregnancy thing down.  Everything is different this time around.

Doctor visits are a lot more exciting/intense.  Normal pregnancy visits are about 10 minutes long.  I step on a scale, pee in a cup, have my blood pressure taken, tell the doctor that I don’t have any unusual symptoms.  He tells me everything looks great, listens to the baby’s heart beat and says, “see you in a month, keep drinking water and taking care of yourself.”  I smile and nod.

This time around, I get new information every visit.

“Because of the high chance that you will need a Cesarean Section, you will deliver in an operating room.  Also, your gestational diabetes will be worse this time around, you may even need insulin.  Also, we will do several more ultrasounds to check on the growth of the babies during the pregnancy.”


or “Baby A’s femur is measuring short.  This might indicate a chromosome disorder, but it is what we call a ‘soft sign’ and everything else looks totally fine. It could be just a measurement error.  We will definitely measure again on the next ultrasound.”


“It looks like the twins are sharing a placenta.  That puts the babies at risk for Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome.  I’m not worried, and you shouldn’t be either.  But to be prepared, we’ll have you visit the high-risk doctor and have another ultrasound and see what he thinks.”

Then there is just the extra suspense of looking all around with the little doppler thingy to find 2 baby heartbeats instead of just 1.  Twin B is super wiggly and hard to pin down.

Last of all my doctor asks me, “What questions do you have?”

I generally don’t have any questions yet.  I’m still processing the information.  I mean, I know what questions I want to ask, but I’m not ready to ask them yet. I have to think about them first.

I go home and look stuff up on the internets (which is always horrifying.)   I cry a little bit about the possibility that my twins will be born tiny and struggling instead of strong and healthy.

After a day or two, I am able to explain to myself all the statistical reasons why my babies will be fine.  I make out a list of questions to ask my doctor and obsess over those questions and what the answers might be for the weeks until my next appointment.

I wear my friends out talking over and over about whats going on inside me.

Sometimes I even end up calling the doctor extra, like when I had a week of the most terrible headaches in my life.  Turns out they were just tension headaches caused by hormones and there are a lot more hormones boiling around inside me right now because of 2 babies instead of 1.  That tends to be the answer for most everything.  “well there are 2 babies this time.  That means twice as much hormones/tiredness/ect.”

I think I am doing a pretty good job of not worrying about things I have no control over- like whether that wiggly twin B is going start hogging all the nutrients his brother needs.  Or whether Twin A is still alive in there, because I don’t feel him moving as often.  But I never forget that I’m having twins.  Mostly because I’m so extra tired.  Walking down my hall makes me feel like I just ran 2 miles.

I’m totally excited about having cute identical boys running around.  Bow Ties are going to happen.

I’m also very trepidatious about what it will be like to care for two newborns at once.  What it will be like to chase after two mischevious little boys, who will no doubt gang up on me and cause all kinds of mayhem and destruction.

It’s gonna be good.


One Response to “Because Twins- part 1”

  1. katie w April 27, 2015 at 9:00 PM #

    it is gonna be awesome! you are superwoman and I wish I could come over and let you talk my ear off 🙂 love you!

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