Fresh start for Fourteen

8 Jan

I love the beginning of the New Year and the extra encouragement that comes with it for a fresh start at becoming a better person.

I don’t require myself to actually begin my new goals until the first Monday of the year. Usually I need the extra time to decide for sure what my goals are!

My word for this year is TRUST.

My #1 goal is to get our family budget under control (well myself under control and following the budget.) I’ve wrestled with our budget for all of the 14 years we have been married and I’ve bungled it for all of those years. I believe that what I need is to slow down and TRUST that when problems arise, if I wait, God will show me a solution that does not involve running to my Visa card hoping it will save me. Spend less than we make is the goal and I’m determined to make it happen this year.

It feels like a no fun goal, but I keep reminding myself how good it feels when I make something or repair something or figure out how to use what we already have. It is a much longer lasting happy feeling than the short term thrill of buying stuff.

Goal #2- keep eating healthy. We made a huge change in how we eat last year and I want to keep it up and keep improving. I have not decided if I have a goal to lose weight. I have already lost all the weight I gained during my last pregnancy. let me make sure you didn’t miss that: I HAVE LOST ALL 22 POUNDS THAT I GAINED WHILE PREGNANT LAST YEAR, due mostly to the strict diet I had to follow because of having gestational diabetes. I really could lose 20 lbs. if I lost 25, I would weigh less than the DH for the first time since …ever. So I want to be fit and I’m pretty sure I want to lose that 25 pounds, I’m just still pumped about having lost so much already.

Goal #3- make quiet time each day to read the scriptures and listen to what God has to tell me. This is most likely going to mean I have to get up at 5:30 am and if the baby wants to eat right then, I will have to find another time later, but I know this is important for me to do.

Goal #4- more meaningful time with the kiddie pies. We eat dinner as a family every evening and are “together” in the evening after that. But the DH will be on his phone. Some child will be playing on my phone. The 13 year old will be on his computer. The two year old will be watching a movie– in other words, even though we are together, we are not TOGETHER. So I have plans for more interacting that include Art Journaling, reading aloud, and playing games. Also, I have plans to have my housework done so I can really focus on the kids and what they want to tell me. That hour before bedtime will belong to them.

That’s it. I want to keep things simple since we have a new baby and I know that it’s hard to get dinner and laundry done when I have a new baby, let alone manage anything else. Perhaps even these few goals are unreachable, but they are what I really feel strongly about, so I’m sure the reaching will be good for me.


2 Responses to “Fresh start for Fourteen”

  1. Jill January 10, 2014 at 9:30 AM #

    Are you still doing the Vegan Before 6 thing? I’m curious about that, mostly about how you got a meat-eating man to go for it…

    • GlowWorm January 10, 2014 at 4:17 PM #

      I had wheedled him into eating a lot less meat– Word of Wisdom and “eat meat sparingly” and i was looking at vegan recipes because a lot of vegetarian dishes are smothered in cheese and i had just figured out that dairy was a problem for me. but what convinced him was the murderous pain he started having after eating. It’s classic gal bladder symptoms. Outside Magazine ran an article on the benefits of vegan eating (bless them! he believes everything they print). and reviewed Mark Bitmans’ book Vegan before 6. Suddenly he was all excited about it. I bought the book and he has been the one who kept encouraging me and asking for more vegetables when I got burnt out on trying new recipes and slipped back into old habits. The fact that he hardly ever has pain after eating keeps him motivated and also pride that we totally changed the way we eat which most people won’t do even when they know it would help them. We are actually more like Vegan AFTER 6 am. We eat eggs for breakfast and our dinners are vegan- we have fish or a little meat 2-3 dinners out of the month. When he goes to Guard Drill and has to eat out, he gets a big hamburger and soda, and the pain comes back. I know that low fat is important for gal bladder problems and switching over to meatless cooking with tons of raw, fresh vegetables automatically took out a lot of fat. I switched the fat we do use over to all coconut and olive oil and that made a big difference in how we both feel.

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