Happy Christmas Baby

27 Dec


Three days before Christmas, our little Beanie Baby decided to be born. She just was not going to wait until the Christmas fun was over.

All Sunday morning, I felt pretty miserable, in fact I dropped all my responsibilities and left church an hour early. There was nothing that I could point to and say, “it is definitely time to go to the hospital,”but something was going on. We took all the kiddie pies to Grannies house and hung out with family while I tried to decide whether this was the day or not. Grannies house has the added benefit of being 15 minutes closer to the hospital. Finally at about 6:30pm, there was no doubt our Christmas baby was on her way.

I was a tiny bit worried (okay a lot worried) that she would come faster than the 45 minutes it takes to get to where the doctors and drugs are, but we got to the hospital just fine and at 9:28 pm, Nina arrived. And yes, I got the spinal block I wanted, and it was a good thing, and the DH is converted to the awesomeness and calm that is provided by the drugs before mentioned.

(After 4 not so calm deliveries without the drugs before mentioned. Not that he doesn’t let me have whatever I want, just that he seemed a little like, “but you did it without before” and my attitude was of the “and that’s why I don’t want to do without this time.”)


Anyways, our little bright eyes was
9 pounds 15 ounces
20 1/2 inches long

Yep so glad about that spinal. What a Fatty McFatsville.


Baby Dumpling, who is now 2 and henceforth shall be called Banana Cream Pie, is having a rough time with the transition of not being the baby anymore. She doesn’t want any of her new Christmas toys. She just wants to hold the new baby. However, she came down with stomach flu on Christmas Day, so I haven’t let her hold the baby since then. Her second choice is for me to hold her, but I’m mostly needing to hold and feed the new baby and not strong enough to be carrying Banana Cream Pie around. So life isn’t much fun for her right now.

Yesterday morning, I woke up (after not much sleep) to a very stinky flu mess in someone’s bed. I felt pretty sorry for myself while I cleaned all that up.

But today, having not had to clean up any nasty messes, I am back in Happy New Baby Heaven. We will see how I feel in a week when all the big helpful kiddie pies have gone back to school and the DH has gone back to work and I am home taking care of the 5 year old and the 2 year old and the new baby all by myself.


One Response to “Happy Christmas Baby”

  1. Ceg December 28, 2013 at 11:45 PM #

    So glad she’s here! What a beautifully squishy chubby girl! Can’t wait until everyone is well and I can snuggle her!

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