Banana Cream Pie

20 Dec


Banana Cream Pie turned 2 nine days before our new baby was born.

Her favorite food is “oatmilk,” which is raw oatmeal and milk in a bowl. She wants to eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. She also likes Raman Noodles, chocolate chips, and cheddar whale crackers, which she calls “fishy crackers.” Despite this list of processed food, she is a very good eater and eats things other kids rarely will, like chick peas and green peppers and mushrooms.

She loves to throw things away in the garbage for me.

She likes to watch Dora the Explorer. Her favorite movies are Ponyo and Tarzan.

The most common things she says:

“Hold You” (by which she means pick me up and hold me.)

“I want some more.” (Food)

“Read it me.”

“Sing it me.” (Favorite song: old mcdonald had a farm)

We love you Banana Cream!


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