Great Lakes Road Trip 2013- Day 3 – Timms Hill

28 Nov

Lake Superior

Day 3 we packed up camp and headed down the shore of Lake Superior towards Wisconsin.  We stopped at a lookout called P__ Point and the fog on the lake lifted enough that we had some great views and got some great pictures.  This is the only surviving picture.  The kids loved scrambling over the rocks.

Blueberry Pie sampling Betty's Raspberry Peach Pie

Blueberry Pie sampling Betty’s Raspberry Peach Pie

Then, following the advice of DH’s online backpacking friends, we stopped at Betty’s Pies and sampled the world famous pies to be had therein.  We tried Raspberry Peach and French Banana Cream.  I come from a family of fabulous pie bakers, so I am always skeptical of pies which can be purchased.  Usually, people say they are good because people have never had a good pie to compare it too.  However, Betty’s pies really were good.  The raspberry peach tasted as good as pies my Aunties bake, so I didn’t feel like my money was wasted.  The French Banana Cream was one of the most heavenly things I have ever tasted.  The “french” part was that the cream on top of the pie was like a whipped cream cheese cake.  I just kept eating lactaid pills and pieces of pie all day long.  (I paid for that later.  Even lactaid pills can’t handle everything.) But  Soooo tasty!

We stopped and toured Split Rock Light House, which was fascinating and fun.

Split Rock Lighthouse

Split Rock Lighthouse

After about 6 hours, we got to Timms Hill, Wisconsin.  We all hiked up to the top.  It was like a steep hill.


Then the big kids and the DH climbed the lookout towers and I went back down with Baby Dumpling and Cutie Pie.  We played on the playground at the bottom of the hill until everyone else came back down.  IMG_0836

That evening, we stopped in Rhinelander, Wisconson, ate cheese curds at a Dogs -n-Suds and spent the night in a hotel.  Ah! showers and soft beds for everyone!


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