Great Lakes Road Trip 2013- Day 1

6 Oct

The day after the last swim meet, we left for our 2013 family vacation.

I had voted for anyplace that included a beach (after last year’s mostly primitive camping vacation, I wanted cushy!)

The DH has that goal to summit the highest peak in every state. By visiting the Great Lakes, we could summit 3 state high points and spend lots of time on the beach as well. We were pretty excited. Not to mention that when people ask what your summer plans are, and you say, “We’re driving around the Great Lakes,” it just sounds exciting and impressive.

We drove straight from home to our first campsite at Tettegouche State Park, about an hour north of Duluth, Minnesota. That was a 14 hour drive and Baby Dumpling was not happy for a large part of it. I don’t know if she had a stomach bug or was just car sick, but we had to stop 3 times so I could clean her and her car seat and rid the car of vomit smelling things. Then she just got tired of being in her car seat and got downright fussy. Having a crying baby makes everyone in the car tense and cranky, especially DH & I. We finally stopped around the Iowa-Minnesota border, and I broke the Sabbath to buy her this barking doggy toy to hopefully help her be happy. She was happy for about 30 minutes. Beginning a road trip on a Sunday was not the best idea we’ve ever had.


Duluth was beautiful. Driving through it was like driving through a Better Homes and Gardens magazine. I think DH would seriously want to move there if it weren’t for the mosquitoes. (More about those buggers later.) In Duluth I finally used my iPhone to play a Woody Woodpecker cartoon for Baby Dumpling. Ahhh, peace in the car. Next summer, we are buying DVD players for the car BEFORE our trip. No question, no argument, done deal.

When we finally got to camp, I sprayed everyone down with bug spray. Then, I fired up the camp stove and we had taco soup with chips ready to eat by the time the DH & kids had the tent set up. I’ve visited Minnesota once before in my life and I warned the DH about the mosquitoes–both their enormous size and sheer numbers. He thought I was exaggerating, but I think that night he began to believe I wasn’t joking. The next day would show him just how right I was. Something he should not have been surprised by, as I am always right….

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