I Won my Heat (or maybe I didn’t because I was hit by flying mexican food…)

3 Oct

These pictures all make me smile!  Swim meets are pretty fun- although this particular meet in Branson was so hot all morning that I struggled to stay cheerful.  Well, let’s be honest.  I failed to remain cheerful.  I did manage to not say the grouchy things I was thinking as my skin baked in the hot still air.  Around noon, a slight breeze fitfully began blowing and I cheered up.
Anyways, my kiddie pies are so cute!  Happy Sigh.


Still in pajamas in the car- we usually have to leave home at about 5:30 a.m.  to get to the meet on time.


Enjoying a cheese stick.  The picnic lunch and snacks I pack for swim meets are the best.


Yup the cheese sticks are a hit.


Did I mention they like cheese sticks?


I did research about what foods are best at a swim meet and this day, I changed what I had been packing in the cooler.  Instead of sandwiches and chicken salad, I brought extra fruit, yogurt, and hummas with crackers.  It seemed to work.  

Pumpkin Pie cut 19 seconds off her 100 yard medley.


Blueberry Pie cut 25 seconds off his 200 yard medley.


Cherry Pie won her heat in the 50 yard backstroke and cut 3 seconds off her best time!

Bet you’ve never seen a Mexican with freckles before!


mmmm….graham crackers and peanut butter!  Air Conditioning!  The ride home has its perks.


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