July 4th

2 Oct



photo from Monett Times

photo from Monett Times

The DH was asked to give a patriotic speech at our town’s Freedom & Fireworks 4th of July Celebration this year.  He felt very honored by the request and worked hard to write a speech worthy of the occasion.  He delivered it very well–I told him I was not ashamed to be his wife.  Our local newspaper ran a very nice article about the night, including a large part of DH’s speech.

The kid’s favorite part of the night was getting to ride in golf carts from the parking lot to the stage area–since we were VIP guests for the night.

The fireworks were magical to watch-as they always are.

On our ride back to our cars, one of the golf cart drivers commented that she was having a hard time seeing–it being dark and golf carts not being equipped with headlights.  Tamale Pie informed her very matter-of-factly, “You need to eat more carrots so you can see in the dark.”

I guess my kids are listening when I go on and on about why eating vegetables is good for them.

We decided that the perfect end to the celebration would be a visit to Braum’s.  We were right.

IMG_0550 IMG_0558


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