Apology & Cherry Pie’s Birthday

9 Sep

I know, it’s been like 5 months since I posted anything for you, my adoring readers.  This is my obligatory apology post.  I have tons of excuses that range from the difficulties of posting from an iPhone to 3 months of the worst morning sickness ever and just being super busy.


The good news is I have tons of fun things saved up to share with you.  I know, you are so glad. 


First of all, CHERRY PIE turned 11.




Her hair has gotten so long!  She loves to write and direct plays for the family to perform. She loves creating elaborate plans of all kinds, and then I have to try to make reality measure up.  Luckily, she is pretty happy if I get close.  She is suddenly really helpful with her younger siblings and does chores without me nagging her, which is AWESOME.  She is learning to play flute, just as I did in band, which is super cool.  She scavenged a fat quarter out of my stash and folded it and hand sewed it up the sides and it became a 4 pocket purse with all the stitching on the inside—just did that on her own with no guidance from me and no pattern.  Whoah! 


I think she is pretty amazing.




She wanted a Harry Potter Birthday Party




We had a potions class for all her guests.  I boiled a red cabbage and then had jars labeled stuff like unicorn powder and ground mandrake root and basilisk venom (baking soda, washing soda, vinegar, etc.)  The girls had fun mixing and watching the color changes until all the ingredients ran out.)


Blueberry Pie was awesome and carved wands for all the girls from sticks he found outside.


The party was declared a success.  Image

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