Happy Mothers Day

12 May

Usually i feel a little silly on Mothers Day, being heaped with praise for doing what is just my job. It’s not like I do what I do because I’m looking for applause. Today though, I have to admit, it was very nice to be showered with flowers and chocolates. I haven’t felt well for several days and have been dragging myself around trying to keep up with producing food and keeping the house clean (not doing so well though, the DH washed dishes 3 times because I had not been able to.) a day of pampering is lovely when one has been feeling sorry for oneself. Some one else doing the dishes is even better! . Also, I
feel much better today than I have felt for the last several days. I think chocolate is good for me

Photo credit: Cherry Pie

Also, I finished reading Les Miserables and I have to say that while Jean Valjean is carrying Marius through the sewer and all of a sudden, victor Hugo begins talking about quick sand on the beach in Scotland, I may have panicked a bit and forgotten that I knew they would make it out alive. Why was he talking about quicksand? Anything but that! Quicksand in the sewer? What could be more horrible?

He got out alright though. Phew

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