Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis

24 Jan
Gateway arch and reflecting pool in St. Louis,...

Gateway arch and reflecting pool in St. Louis, Missouri, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our trip to St. Louis was awesome!  Friday was a whirlwind of packing because the DH decided to take a 1/2 day so we could leave earlier.  I had to pack everything with 5 hours less time than I had thought to have.  Then I found out he had Monday off because of the holiday and we decided to stay 2 more days, so I had to go back and pack more.  But the trailer got packed with Matt & Cegan’s stuff and with some Little Caesar’s Hot & Readys to keep us company plus Jimmy & Tahnee & Morgan, we were finally St. Louie bound.

First thing Saturday Morning, Cegan watched all the kiddie pies so the rest of us grownups could go to the temple.  That was wonderful and I may post more about it later.  When we got back, she had even cooked lunch at the same time as taking care of 9 kids.  It was so tasty!  What a super woman.

saint louis zoo

saint louis zoo (Photo credit: paparutzi)

We loved the zoo, especially the penguin house, Herpetology House, and the zebras and camels. This big camel came right up to us and huffed and sneered.  I think he was worried about us stealing his harem of lady camels.

I think the animals there were the most spectacular and up close of any I have ever seen at a zoo.  The sea lion exhibit was pretty incredible too.  The St. Louis Zoo is free admission. That’s something that really helps out a family of 8! We spent about 4 hours there, which was the limit for our feet and for the kiddie pie’s attention spans.  My 4-year old decided that she didn’t want to ride in the stroller, but she didn’t want to walk.  She wanted me to carry her.  I was pretty hard-hearted and informed her that she could walk or she could ride in the stroller.  She refused to do either, so she cried a whole lot.  Too bad.

The crying stopped when we got inside the penguin house.  I’m still amazed by  how close we were to those cute little guys.


Giant Bugs! My Favorite

Back to Matt’s house for delicious dinner and vegging on the couch.  We gave the kids Uncle Matt’s Ipad full of Micky Mouse cartoons and we stayed up watching the Bourne Legacy.  It was pretty good.

Sunday was church and lucky for us, Cegan’s ward meets at 12:30. Everyone had plenty of time for washing hair and ironing white shirts.  Plus Cegan has a whole bunch of Living Scriptures Cartoons so we even had Sunday appropriate movies to help the kids keep reasonable Sunday behavior.

Monday, we decided to visit the Arch.  I’ve never been, so it was my first time to see it too!  We rode the Metro also so the kids got to ride a train and see the arch.  The wind was brisk and it was about 25 degrees outside, so we were pretty cold, but we walked down to the Mississippi River Front anyway.  Cherry Pie spit in the Mississippi river just so that she could tell Grandpa that she had. The Arch is just miraculous.  I could have just sat and looked at it for an hour, if I hadn’t had to keep an eye on kids.  It just seems so impossible and beautiful that I could hardly believe what I was looking at.

There is a museum of westward expansion at the base of the arch full of really cool exhibits and moving animatronics.  (And the museum is freeeee.)  Riding the tram to the top of the arch is not free, but we did it anyway.  The kids enjoyed the tram to the top as much as looking out the windows to see all of St.Louis.  I did not feel afraid of how high up I was, amazingly, but I did feel very motion sick.  I’m not sure if that was because of the tram ride, or because the arch sways a bit in the wind, or because it was rather hot and stuffy at the top, or all of these things.  In any case, I voted for a speedy return to ground level.  Next, We walked to a little chapel, originally built by French explorers and the old county courthouse, before returning to the warmth of the Metro.  Jimmy & Tahnee  had spaghetti waiting for us when we arrived.  Thank goodness, because we were about to DIE of hunger.  After our late lunch, wehad a nap & then headed home.

We want to go back again soon! (not on a Monday as 90% of the attractions in St. Louis are closed on Mondays.  LAME.  But now we know so we can plan.)


One Response to “Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis”

  1. Brother Jon January 24, 2013 at 9:07 AM #

    The Arch is pretty amazing. I went up a little over ten years ago. It’s weird how the fear of heights doesn’t count for some reason.

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