Super Y to the Rescue

16 Jan

I got to be the damsel in distress yesterday.

Yesterday morning I left the house with Cutie Pie & Baby Dumpling.  I had several errands to run, including Baby Dumpling’s next round of immunizations.  It was super cold, so I bundled us all in coats, which sometimes I don’t do, because it is such a hassle.  Boy, I’m glad we had our coats.  We headed to the doctor’s office in a town about 20 minutes away, when suddenly the radio in the car went dead.  I recalled that the DH had mentioned that the battery light was on a couple days ago.

The radio going dead seemed like a bad sign to me, and not wanting to get stranded at the doctor’s office, I decided to turn around and go home and just reschedule the appointment.

About that time the engine died, so I just coasted over onto the shoulder of the road.  We were just barely outside of town, so I called my sister to come pick us up.  Then I called my State Farm Insurance Agent (who happens to be my sister’s husband) and he recommended a towing company and an auto shop (cause I don’t know nothin’ ’bout that stuff.)  Because I pay and extra 60 cents a month, I have Roadside Assistance with my insurance, and so State Farm pays for the towing company.  So worth it.

The tow truck got to me before my sister did and offered for us to sit in his warm truck cab while he hooked up the car.

Cutie Pie announced, “I like to sit in someone’s warm truck!”  She also informed him that she was potty trained and that her mommy liked for her to be happy.  Good information to share.

Baby Dumpling screamed her head off most of the whole time, unless I let her hold my cell phone.  You can imagine what it sounded like when I was trying to call the tow company.

Then my sister showed up:


State Farm Van

I think it’s marvelous that the State Farm Van rescued me from the side of the road.

This is my nephew.  When he found out that he was getting in the van to go rescue Auntie GlowWorm, he insisted on wearing his super cape.

To The Rescue

To The Rescue

Thanks for the rescue, Super Y.

After my sister picked me up, we stopped by her husband’s office and he decided to take us out to lunch at my most favorite restaurant in town,


I don’t think that lunch is usually included in Roadside Assistance, but I’m all about getting special privileges that I did nothing to earn.  Lunch was tasty.

The car, which needs a new alternator, will be fixed by tonight.  So it’s all good.


5 Responses to “Super Y to the Rescue”

  1. Melody January 16, 2013 at 12:32 PM #

    Yay for being rescued!!

  2. katie w January 16, 2013 at 11:04 PM #

    I have still never eaten at LaiLai’s. I feel my life is incomplete.

    • GlowWorm January 17, 2013 at 8:51 AM #

      You must visit and we must tell Father! He will take you.


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