The Lord Can’t Drive a Parked Car

10 Jan


I’ve felt so uninspired the last 2 weeks.  So directionless.  Just going through the motions.

I made resolutions and I made a schedule.  I’ve known that my major goal for the year is to be more “on purpose” as a mom.  I want to have great Family Home Evenings and learning going on every day.  I even planned to have a little spiritual thought at breakfast every morning to start the day off right (since we do our scripture reading right after dinner.)

But I couldn’t decide what scriptures to read or what to focus on, so I haven’t done any of it.

This morning after the Kiddie pies got on the bus, and the babies were still asleep (for once), I decided to straighten up the living room and there on the couch was my January copy of the Ensign.  I haven’t read a single page out of it yet, so I thought, I’ll just sit down and read an article.

It was just what I needed!  A little later the baby woke up and I just kept on reading while I fed her oatmeal.  I feel like I’ve gotten this huge shot of energy injected right into my arm.

As I’ve continued cleaning the house this morning, my mind has been overflowing with ideas, and not just ideas for what to focus on teaching my kids.  I know what I want to personally study this year in the scriptures–at least where to start.  I’ve got ideas for a book I want to write, ideas for projects the house needs, and just

ENTHUSIASM  for life!

I’ve accomplished more in 2 hours this morning getting work done as I have in the last 2 days.

The Words of God are Powerful and as soon as I got them inside me, my life got injected with power!

Like my title says, the Lord can’t drive a parked car.  I had to get my engine going!

1 Nephi 17:30-31

And notwithstanding they being led, the Lord their God, their Redeemer, going before them, leading them by day and giving light unto them by night, and doing all things for them which were bexpedient for man to receive, they hardened their hearts and blinded their minds, and creviled against Moses and against the true and living God.

 31 And it came to pass that according to his word he did adestroy them; and according to his word he did blead them; and according to his word he did do all things for them; and there was not any thing done save it were by his word.

2 Responses to “The Lord Can’t Drive a Parked Car”

  1. mjar05 January 13, 2013 at 12:26 PM #

    I have been reading the January Ensign while on the treadmill at the gym. It felt great to read it cover to cover, and before the month was even half over! I, too, was very inspired with the messages in this month’s edition. Love your new blog and your menu schedules. I would love to see your recipes for the crockpot cracked wheat variations 🙂

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