Beatiful Blogger

6 Sep

Somewhat recently, I was generously given four blog awards by Jon over at

He once shaved his glorious hair off for a good cause, which is super cool.

I was only too happy to receive awards with words like “lovely,” “sparkly,” “beautiful,” and “illuminating.”   Thank you, Jon, you are a real sweetie pie.

Along with the awards came permission to bend the rules a bit, so I will.  I will only be nominating one person for each award, because that makes it more special.


Seven Things about me:

1.  There are 2 things that while I would never judge anyone else if it happened to them, I am horrified and embarrassed if they happen to me.

snoring:  this just doesn’t fit with the image I have of myself and I have no control over it, but I did snore a couple of times while I was pregnant last year.  I get positively squeaky if my dear husband brings it up.  I really do not think it’s a very gentlemanly thing to mention, wouldn’t you agree?

car trouble:  I feel so ghetto/trailer trash when my car breaks down.  Like, gosh, can’t I even maintain a vehicle?

2.  I suffer from a teensy bit of Beiber Fever.  I just really like his version of “Love Me”

3.  Whenever there is something that I need to do, but don’t want to do, my house gets really clean.  Like, suddenly the floor must be mopped right now, and the laundry must be folded, and the crayon marks must be scrubbed off the walls; all these things are more pressing than the thing I don’t want to do.

4.  Calling someone on the phone and asking them to do something is the thing I don’t want to do.  I am just not a phone person.  I can’t see the other person’s face and my cheek gets all sweaty where the phone touches it. urg.  The video phone with speaker phone that I got for Christmas from my dad is the best thing ever.

5.  Another thing I don’t like about phones is when people put me on hold to answer another call.  Hate that.

6. The clothing in my closet is organized by color and then subdivided by sleeve length.  The fronts all face north.  This makes me happy.

7.  Could I live without chocolate? Yes, but I would be sad and my children and Dear Husband would suffer.   I eat it all for them.

I’d like to pass the Beautiful Blogger Award to Melody because her blog is beautiful (she takes great pictures) and she puts so much of her loving heart into each post.

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3 Responses to “Beatiful Blogger”

  1. Melody September 6, 2012 at 11:51 AM #

    I'm flattered!! Thank you so much!

  2. Melody September 6, 2012 at 11:52 AM #

    P.S. I think this has made my whole year! 🙂

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