New Dress, Random stuff

6 Oct

I love love love to watch Project Runway. Since we don’t get cable TV (or any TV) I either show up at a friend’s house to watch it, or my sisters get a hold of a whole season at once and we marathon it. Now my daughters occasionally design fashion outfits and have runway shows. Tamale Pie designed this new dress for me. I thought it was a giraffe at first, but she explained that the “spots” were actually apples and that it was a dress. Then it was all so clear-including the spacious allowance for my growing baby bump. One thing I can say about my girl, she knows how to design for real women. Something those kids on Project Runway don’t always know how to do.

Also, I bet you have all been wondering what we do at our house on a rainy Saturday Morning besides design high fashion. Here’s the scoop.

Bubba likes to make armor and weapons. Cutie Pie likes chase him, screaming, “kill, Kill!” in true warrior princess form.

The rest of the Pies like to make things with play dough. My super cute nephew, CandyBar, was visiting us while his mother was in the hospital bringing forth a new little brother for him. When he wasn’t on the table, CandyBar was playing with the toy horses we have in the animal box. Those horses kept him busy all day.

Monday was a no school day (teacher meetings or something) The girls have wanted to have a “Tangled” day–a day where they get to do all the things that Rapunzel does during her song. So Monday we invited a few friends over and had our Tangled day. We made pottery with bake-able clay, painted, read books, baked apple pies, had lunch, ballet, and painted faces with makeup.

Surprisingly, the girls all voted to skip mopping, sweeping, polishing, clean-up and laundry. I got to do all those ones, myself. And they wondered why we ran out of time and didn’t get to do chess, ventriloquy, candle making, more painting, and sew a dress…

Now they all are begging to have home school. I think they think home school would be like Tangled Day. I’m afraid it would be too….

And if you are looking for cute Halloween ideas or cute things to make for boys, check out my new favorite blog to read: The Train To Crazy Don’t you just want to go get a crochet hook right this second?!!


3 Responses to “New Dress, Random stuff”

  1. katie-bo-batie October 6, 2011 at 3:31 PM #

    did you know that you can watch the new season of project runway on that is how I am getting my fix, it is fabulous. I heard James say 'make it work!' the other day while he was playing with duplos. should I be proud? I wish I could join in a Tangled day with you and your girls, it looks like so much fun!I have just started looking up crochet tutorials online to learn how to do such a fabulous skill! I am now adding the monster hat to my list of wonderful yarny things to make.

  2. Melanie October 6, 2011 at 7:55 PM #

    LOVE the Tangled Day. Your girls are so cute :)I'm impressed you made your own maternity jeans. Go YOU!The sandwich bags I made are pouches that have a flap with a velcro closure. I also made four squares that wrap around the sandwiches.

  3. GlowWorm October 7, 2011 at 3:07 AM #

    Katie- you should be proud. I have a friend who is recording the new season and on Friday mornings we get together and watch it. AWESOME 🙂

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