New Exercise Program

10 Mar

This is Cutie Pie. She dressed herself. Who says you can’t mix different stripes? Who needs pants when you have super awesome tights like these?

In other news, the Man of the House and I started a new exercise program. His goal: be in shape to max out his Army Physical Fitness Test in 8 weeks.

My Goal: lose 20 pounds so I can be healthy. I am at my heaviest weight ever, 175 lbs. I know you are all shocked because you picture me as skinny, gorgeous, and multi-talented. Hah! I have recently begun to suspect that the reason we have no new baby-pie’s entering our family could be related to my weight. Not Cool.

Well I am getting up at 5 (okay 5:30) AM every morning and exercising. I’m also almost dieting. Which means I try to make healthy choices but I still eat cookies sometimes.

The Exercise plan that we are following recommends taking before and after pictures so you can see how super you did while following their plan. Seems easy enough, right? Except why would I want to take a picture of myself right now? The whole point is that I don’t like how I look. But laying that aside with the self-assurance that it is a goodbye to the old GlowWorm picture, there is still the problem of the picture. See, all the examples in the book are Men in swim trunks and women in bikini’s/sports bra and shorts. Now while I do actually own a sports bra and shorts, I would never ever ever wear them without a t-shirt over it all. Nor would I ever leave my house in that ensemble for any reason, except perhaps if a random fire started in the middle of my exercise routine.

So why would I take a picture of me like that? I would never show it to ANYONE. I would never post it even here for you my loving fans. Even if I make a miraculous transformation and the P90X people invent a $5000 prize for the best set of before & after shots, I wouldn’t submit my picture.

A certain person really thought that I should bare my stomach for my before picture. Just the thought makes me feel slightly nauseous. No one needs a picture. I’m sure you all know what bread dough looks like after you let it rise once and then punch it in the middle. That’s what my stomach looks like. The following are the compromise before pictures that I took. A certain person is concerned that I won’t be able to see my progress without the bare tummy picture. I am quite certain that the fact that my jeans fit or possibly my skinny jeans or possibly new jeans (please bless it to be true!) will be all the proof I need.

The pictures don’t look as bad as in real life—somehow the fat rolls that are clearly visible when I wear that shirt sort of faded into the shadows. Not sure how that happened.

Cutie Pie felt no qualms about baring her belly.


4 Responses to “New Exercise Program”

  1. GlowWorm March 10, 2011 at 9:53 PM #

    P.S. I am not sticking my belly out in these pictures. Neither am I sucking it in…or trying to. I am just standing as straight as I can. Something else I hope all this murderous exercise does for me is improve my posture.

  2. kate the great March 10, 2011 at 10:23 PM #

    Nate made me take a before picture without a shirt on once–it was hidden away in a folder on our computer and then deleted. Never again! I'm getting ready to start p90x too! that is, as soon as I'm getting decent sleep. p.s. I think that your face forward picture looks like me. we are beautiful!

  3. Bennet March 10, 2011 at 11:14 PM #

    I feel the same way about my stomach. Revealing that to the public is cruel and unusual punishment -for all involved.Also feel the same way about my weight. I'm at my heaviest right now, but I can't seem to get motivated to lose it. I guess it's because I'm so stinkin' tired of losing it just to gain it right back again.

  4. The leader March 11, 2011 at 1:15 AM #

    I'm excited for you! You may think you don't look good, but believe me – you always look fabulous!! Right now, after loosing 25 lbs i still have 30 lbs to loose to be at my "pre pregnancy" weight… and nothing fits me but maternity pants. I bet you'll loose your 20 before i loose my 30. I keep saying "once all the candy in the cubpoard is gone, i'll start eating better"… and then we buy more. Oops. Here's hoping nursing will just magically melt the pounds off for me!! đŸ˜‰

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