Happy Halloween 2010

31 Oct

**BTW did you know that it is almost impossible to carve a “Pie” pumpkin? I found that out the hard way.

I only made one costume this year. Bubba has been planning to be Grover–from Lightning Thief–for the whole year. He read all the books and he and his friends at school pretend they are the characters all the time.

I found this marvelous goaty fake fur at Jo-Anns and used a Pajama pants pattern to make the goat legs, complete with tail and hooves.
After the movie came out, the deal was almost off because, suddenly Bubba though Grover should have a molded leather vest thing. I said No Way. I intended to create an orange Camp Half-blood T-shirt, but I didn’t quite get it done. That’s me, scrimping by on the least possible effort. Look, a mostly orange t-shirt. That’s good enough.

I got the clay and forced Bubba to make his own horns which I hot-glued to some black hair barretts. They didn’t stay in very well.

He had practiced a “goat walk” which was freaky, accurate, and hillarious! My son is awesome.

The girls all borrowed costumes from a friend. I love that kind. (both costume and friend)

MagPie got this floaty vampiress dress. She looked so eerie and floaty and perfect in it and then she insisted on having her face painted and that just cheapened the whole thing and she looked common. Sad day. But it was her costume, not mine, so I tried to keep my disappointment to myself.


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