Christmas Apron

17 Dec

My Quilting Guild is having an apron swap tonight. Naturally, I began sewing two days ago. The woman I am making for is an extra-large size so I decided that a smock apron would be best for her (plus I love smock aprons.)

I didn’t have a pattern for an apron, but I had a pattern for a shirt Simplicity 2962, which I figured I could modify. I tried to find a pic of the pattern to link to, –Apparently this pattern is no longer for sale. It is a simple round necked smock shirt. I made the front and the yoke front. Then I realized that I had to make the back yoke and part of the back (to finish the sleeve hole.)

I won’t detail all the backwards sewing (seam ripping) I had to do as I realized over and over that one more piece would have to be added.

I modified the pattern by making it open in the back with one button at the neck. Also, the back piece is much shorter because I ran out of fabric.

I hope she loves it.

I even overcame my laziness and put on ric-rac.

Now I wish I was keeping it for me. I guess that is my assurance that I did well.

I also FINALLY finished binding this table runner–which I started 3 years ago. It is already off to it’s new home. Someday I’ll finish a quilted project for myself.


One Response to “Christmas Apron”

  1. The leader December 18, 2009 at 5:09 AM #

    YAY, congrats! I knew you'd pull it off with style… Finished Persuasion today. A pretty quick read, thank you very much!

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