27 Apr

Happy Burfday, Katie, who always tells our most horrible stories on our birthdays. It’s your turn *evil smiley*

There are 4 girls in our family. Three of us were born all in a row at the beginning. Then came all the boys, with Katie sandwiched in the middle.

First of all, she was a very angry baby. She is crying in every family picture we took during her first 5 years.

Second of all, Dad had some problem with letting her hair grow. When she was a year old, mom came home from the grocery store and Dad had buzzed (shaved) off all of Katie’s hair. He insisted that it was to keep her “cool and comfortable” during the summer.

Then, when she was 9 or 10, Dad gave her a “pixie” hair cut. Strangers kept mistaking her for a boy. Which made me want to beat them all up. I appliqued a huge ladybug on a purple t-shirt for her. I was so proud of it, and she definitely looked like a girl. But people would still say out loud that she looked like a boy. I hated them all for being so mean and dumb.

Here we are, with Katie in the very front. As you can see, Dad gave Mary the same murderous haircut.

All us older girls were very angry about the fact that Katie never had to do any work be cause she was “too little”. What a spoiled kid. It was really easy to frustrate her and make her cry. We made her cry all the time and then made fun of her for crying. Brutal.

Then we all grew up and moved away to college and Katie became Mom’s slave, helping take care of all those boys (7 of them). If she had any spoiled tendancies, they were obliterated for good.

She had a friend named Marissa and they did crazy wild things together that I don’t know anything about.

It was Katie who snuck into the boys’ room and painted their toe and fingernails one April 1st.

Then she hid all the nail polish remover so they had to go to school that way.

Katie is bad luck as a passenger in a car. No less than 4 and maybe 6 of our family car accidents had Katie as the passenger. Coincidence?? I. think. not.

In college she really went wild.
She snuck a whole pizza into the movies under her coat!
She watched Jane Fonda work-out videos,

And she played “Chubby Bunny” alot.

And she dated a guy whose belt buckle was bigger than his head. Good thing she dumped him. phew!

Happy Birthday, little sister. I hope I grow up to be as talented and beautiful and sweet as you.


3 Responses to “K-K-K-Katie”

  1. Becca April 29, 2009 at 5:37 PM #

    hahahah! She SO deserved that. Too bad you don’t have more juicy stories. I bet you could go on and on and on… Katie is sure great. And we have the same birthday! Happy Birthday, Katie!

  2. Jeanne April 29, 2009 at 6:03 PM #

    Thank you Rebecca.

  3. kate the great April 29, 2009 at 7:15 PM #

    Oh, the murderous short haircuts. At least I didn’t let Dad cut my hair once I got to junior high age-Mary suffered through to her senior year. And I think the fact that I ‘never had to do any work be cause she was “too little”‘ was because I was the baby girl, which just goes to prove that I’m Dad’s favorite–hehehe.Thanks sister

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