Tea Party Aprons

9 Apr

I entered another of my aunt’s Sassy Apron Swaps. Diva #1 has been pretty excited whenever I get an apron and goodies in the mail and she kept asking me if she could get goodies in the mail like that. So, I asked my Auntie if I could enter Diva #1 instead of myself in her Tea Party Sassy Apron Swap. Well apparently, several other little girls wanted to play too, because she created a Junior category for us all.

This time, we were paired up with a partner and they knew who we were. (usually it’s a secret.) It was really fun. Diva’s tea party friend sent her this fabulous cup cake apron and lots of other treats like cup cake lipgloss and cup cake socks. (Oh how thankful I am for those socks. Diva #1 hates socks–specifically the seam in the toe bugs her. It is a fight every morning before school. But she will wear the cupcake socks VOLUNTARILY!!!) Diva’s partner’s mom is one amazing woman!

This is the apron we made for Diva’s partner. Tutorial comming soon! We also sent her a heart-shaped tea cup that matched it and a few other goodies.

This was definitely fun!


2 Responses to “Tea Party Aprons”

  1. Melody April 9, 2009 at 6:41 PM #

    Love the aprons! And the teacup and saucer are adorable!

  2. elm July 27, 2009 at 7:01 AM #

    My little "Branch", your "Diva's" tea party apron swap partner, wears her little apron around the house and thinks that she is just "all that" with its ruffles and lace! Big thanks for the pretty fabric in pink!!! 🙂

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