Nano Poblano: my keyboard is gonna heat up!

1 Nov

November is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short.  That means all over the country, intrepid writers and wannabe writers (and I mean wannabe in the best sense) are courageously setting goals to write lots of words every day (as in thousands of words every day). Some great books will come of it, I’m sure.  Some ridiculous drivel will come of it as well.  But I venture that even the drivelers will grow because they stretched themselves.  Ever since I learned of this marvelous thing where thousands of people decide to write the book they’ve always dreamed of writing, I have wanted to participate.  So far, I never have.  First because I didn’t make the time to do it, and then later because I realized that I didn’t want to write a novel, I wanted to write nonfiction.  Now why not just write my nonfiction book instead of a novel?  Well because it’s National NOVEL writing month, and I cannot over come the internal dissonance of writing a nonfiction instead of a novel when the name is Novel.  Can’t do it.

It’s also National Blog Posting Month, or NaNoBloPo.  NaNoBloPo sounds a bit less cool than NaNoWriMo, and is hard to say, so a genius started calling it Nano Poblano, which upped the cool factor and is a better fitted name for a light hearted enterprise.  

I’ve decided to participate in Nano Pobalno.  I’m not sure how I’m gonna do it with newborn twins and hurricane Nina, but I’m giving it my all because

 1.  I’ll get to be part of this cool group and meet new awesome bloggers (and they’ll meet me.)

Also 2.  because I can use my 30 days of blog posts as essay/rough drafts for bits of the book I’ve wanted to write for 10 years.  It’s time to get those thoughts in type so they can live!  Maybe the book idea will turn out to be better as a great informational website.  I would love to know your comments and thoughts, so please share them with me as the month goes along.

The book/possible website will be all about designing, planning, and building houses for people who want to have (or who do have) more than 2 children.  I think there is a great need for this information! I even want to have sample house plans available for families who could use them. It’s gonna be great.  

But first, it has to begin.

(**whispers: I’m so excited!**)

Sometimes a shorter memory would be good

13 Oct

So sometimes I’m in a big group of people and there’s talking and I say stuff and then later I wish I had kept it all to myself and not said anything.

I over share.

And then I really just want to sink into the ground and let it crush me into dust.

30 days real life day 7

9 Oct

What happens when I try to fold laundry.  #30drl

30 days of real life day 8

9 Oct

  Now where do I put the groceries?

30 Days of real life day 6

6 Oct

This happened today.  Nothing else matters.
#30 DRL
Today the Scooter Pies are 2 months old!
They have each grown a pound since last week, which is incredible to me.

Zeke is now 11 pounds 3 ounces.

Skeeter is now 12 pounds 5 ounces.  

Today they got their first immunizations.  I was pretty worried about having to calm 2 upset babies.  But they calmed down very quickly.  Next appointment I might bring a friend for backup though. 

Also today Baby/Toddler/Hurricane Beana did a thing that made me wonder:

How would it be to have a post about getting poo off of a couch cushion?  

Perhaps other mothers don’t know that secret?  


Anyway, here is some more sweetness to reward you for reading this far


30 Days Real Life Day 5

5 Oct

  How are your typing skills?

 Do you have the keyboard memorized? 

 This is the keyboard of our laptop. 

 Since the twins were born, Nina has discovered how fun it is to pry the keys off. Some of them have been broken beyond my skill to replace. #30DRL

Key Lime Pie is 7

4 Oct

Key Limer Pie is seven!  Where has the time gone?
Her favorite song is “Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree.”  She also loves “Everything is Awesome” from the Lego Movie.

Her favorite foods are Raman Noodles and Macaroni & Cheese (from the store.  None of the yucky homemade from scratch stuff.) 

Her favorite color is baby blue.


Her favorite things to do are play Pokemon outside and board games like Dixit! and Blokus and card games like Love Letter and Munchkin.

For her birthday she got a whole bag of 20 something tiny Pokemon figurines to have battles with.  Also she got her very own bag of gummy bears.

She requested cinnamon rolls (the delicious homemade kind) for her birthday dessert.  


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