Mom uniform 

13 May

Awhile ago (it’s Christmas time in the picture, so almost 6 months ago) 

I decided that I needed a Mom uniform.  Something that would feel comfortable, yet not feel like I was still wearing my pajamas (I’m talking about you, yoga pants.)  

Something that could stand up to being swiped& splashed with various body fluids all day long.  Especially baby drool & spit up.  

Something that would hold up under many washings.  (See previous)

I asked myself, “What job do people have who take care of others all day, and where contact with body fluids is a high probability?”


so I bought myself a pair of scrubs. 

I love them. 

They are comfortable.

They have pockets. Lots of pockets! Pockets that fit my phone!

Being washed frequently is not destroying them.

If I do leave the house unexpectedly to run to Walmart or pick up kids somewhere, I look like a decent working person and not someone whose photo needs to be blasted on social media.  ( 

This is a win.  I ❤️ scrubs.

**caveat:  scrubs probably won’t work as well for you if you are a nursing mom.  

Feeding the Twins

12 May

True confessions time:  the Mommy thing I really don’t like to do is spooning baby food into babies’ mouths.

Spoon the mashed whatever into baby’s mouth.  (Baby immediately spits most of it out again.) Scrape it back off baby’s chin.  Spoon it into baby’s mouth again.  Repeat endlessly.  The process makes me want to scream.  It makes my skin crawl and my brain feel like it’s shredding.

With my other 7 kids, I decided pretty quickly that the whole baby food thing was over rated.  My babies were breastfed.  They were already getting the best nutrition any baby could get.  I waited until they were old enough to put things in their mouths by themselves and then let them just feed themselves stuff like small banana pieces and Graham crackers.

The twins are on formula.  So this is a whole new ball game. Carrots and sweet potatoes are a more natural food than the engineered formula powder. Plus if the Scooter Pies eat baby food, then they will need to drink lees formula.

So when they were 6 months old.  I started attempting to feed them rice cereal and then sweet potatoes and applesauce.

It has been a little crazy making.  I’ve always complained a bit about the fact that most of my day revolves around feeding the horde of kiddie pies.  Get up in time to cook breakfast. Serve breakfast.  Clean up from breakfast. Snack for preschoolers.  Make & Serve lunch, clean up from lunch.  After school snack.  Cook dinner, serve dinner, clean up from dinner. Day Gone.

But I reached new levels of food slavery this spring.

The DH would come home from work and ask, “what’s new?”

“Nothing is new,” I’d say.  “I spent the last two hours spooning food into babies’ mouths.”

Mercifully, the scooter pies are now good enough at swallowing that I don’t have to feed them the same spoonful of food several times.

They can feed themselves crackers and bread bits.  So that is awesome.

Also feeding them both at the same time is less boring than feeding one baby. Someone is always ready for their next bite.  I don’t have to wait for chewing & swallowing.

The Scooter Pies are 9 Months old!

11 May

Zeke (bottom of photo) weighs 19.6 pounds.  He has 6 teeth.  He crawls like the wind.  He is really good at sneaking up on Skeeter and swiping toys or food right out of his hands.   He does funny things, like smack the floor, to make Skeeter laugh.  

Skeeter (top of photo) weighs 20.4 pounds.  He has 4 teeth.  He is quieter, calmer.  But at least once a day he has his happy time where he smiles at everyone and sings happy sounding songs.  He likes to dance also.  

Aunt Sherrell

10 May

Last Saturday, I got to chat with this lady who I hadn’t seen in a long time.  She is not my mother or my grandmother.  In fact she really isn’t related at all, although I think we could go back a few generations and prove that we share common cousins.  

My siblings and I called her Aunt Sherrell when we were growing up.  She was a good friend to our family, but not just that.  Every time we had a family crisis, she was there. 

I’m pretty sure she was there to help when my dad was hurt in a car wreck, and when our house burned to the ground (but my memories of those times are pretty few because I was so little).  

She was there when Matt age 2 fell in the trash fire and was covered in terrible burns. She made salve from comfrey, aloe Vera, and honey and helped my mom for more than just the first day. 

She was there with a big pot of soup every time there was a new baby.

She was there when my mom was going through chemo treatments. She took some of us into her home for weeks (months?) because  mom was so ill.  

During that time I remember her teaching me that part of washing dishes is to clean the sink when you are done.  

She was who my parents called the second time their home burned to the ground (this time, in the middle of the night.). That’s the kind of friend she is.

She taught me piano for some years.  My sisters and I would walk over to her house after school. She would often give us a sleeve of Ritz crackers to split for a snack. (Just so you know, there are reliably 33 crackers in a sleeve.  That meant a whopping 11 crackers each.  It was luxury to have so many crackers each. ) My sisters and I took turns, 1 having a lesson and 2 playing Statego while we waited.  

One time I was washing dishes with her and she told me how when she was a girl, her mother would assign all the chores for the day.  She knew that once her chores were done, she was free to play.  Because of this she learned to work quickly. She said her husband was only given one chore at a time as a boy, but he knew that as soon as he finished it, he would be given a new chore.  So he did not learn to get his work done quickly. I’ve tried to remember that with my own kids and chores.

Sherrell could make anything that falls in the category of needlework.  She cross stitched tapestries that looked like paintings by masters.  She knitted and tatted lace.  She told me once that as a girl, she did needlework in the evening while listening to radio programs with her sisters.  She said that sometimes in later life as she sat knitting and counting stitches, whole radio programs would come back to her memory.  She suspected that counting stitches had programmed those stories into her memory.

Sherrell had lots of heartbreaking things happen in her life and lots of hard things.  But she has a great sense of humor, and a stubborn streak too.  She told me that when she was a girl, she baby sat for a very large family.  One day the father of the family said to her, “If they ever reinstate polygamy*, I want you to be my second wife.”  

Sherrell looked him in the eye with her chin high and said,”No thank you.  I intend to be a FIRST wife.”  She wasn’t going to be second anything.  

*Polygamy hadn’t been discontinued for very long at that point.

She taught seminary many years. Her last year teaching was my first year of seminary. That year was Doctrine and Covenants and Church history.  She had lived such a pioneer life, that it felt like being taught the history by someone who had lived it. And she had lived all the principles. So she could bear testimony that the Lord’s promises are true.  

One of her favorite scriptures is Doctrine & Covenants 123:17

 Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed.

I always saw her cheerful and calm no matter what calamity she was facing.  

It was so great to talk with her for a few minutes last Saturday.  I hope for many more times.  

Why do people listen to him?

27 Apr

As well he might say, “Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?”
LIMBAUGH: The state of Missouri is receiving a two million dollar Federal grant to feed needy children near Kansas City and St. Louis during the summer. Two million dollars that we don’t have to feed needy children near Kansas City .
“how can we expect them to feed themselves in the summer when they haven’t had to for nine months.”
Um…they are children.  Last time I checked, we all thought feeding children was a thing that decent human beings did.

But Rush is right.  Those wanton waifs need to figure out how to feed themselves.  It’s their own fault they are poor anyway, you know.  If they weren’t so lazy, they’d feed themselves.

Multiple Book Series are the Worst

20 Apr

Things I dislike about Multiple book series:

Not all stories are well written enough to deserve 3 (or more) volumes. I resent having to read 5 books to get to the end of the poor written story.

 If the volumes can’t stand alone, thats even worse. 

The obligatory recap chapter at the beginning of every book after the first. UGH! And also, the little reminders about what happened in the last books, apparently these are supposed to help anyone who didn’t read book 1 or had to wait a year for book 2 (3-4-5). 

 But what they actually do is bore me and make me feel like the author thinks I’m too dumb to remember basic plot events.

There are never reminders about the really important tiny details (that I sometimes do forget ) that turn out to be the clue to everything. (Like remember her scarf had tassels? That’s going to be important later.)

Things that reconcile me to the multiple volume novels:

 Harry Potter



Oh and 

The Lord of the Rings

Little House on the Prairie 

Ramona the Pest

I would like to point out that 3 of the 4 series on my list did not employ the recap chapter. Because it is lame.

The end

(Sike! To be continued multiple times)

I can’t Think of a Better Way

16 Jan

Yesterday as I pushed my double stroller with the 5-month old scooter pies up the sidewalk to the YMCA, flanked on either side by Baby Bean and Banana Cream Pie (who are 2 and 4, but look the same size.  People have started asking me if they are twins, too)

An older Y patron said to me something I’ve heard eleventy-billion times since I got brave enough to start leaving the house with the four baby pies.

“You sure do have your hands full.  You sure are busy.”

Usually I just nod and smile, or maybe add a “yep,” before continuing to press forward to my goal.  (Little tip:  moms of twins are generally running late to whatever it is they wanted to be to.  If they are also chasing a toddler, they don’t usually have time to stop and answer your well-meant questions.  They’ve answered these same questions so many times for so many strangers, the time investment isn’t worth it any more–especially if the toddler might run into the street/parking lot at any moment. ) 

But today Baby Bean was holding onto the stroller handle to help me. And suddenly I knew what the perfect response to this comment was.  So I looked that old guy right in the eye-ball and said,

“I do have my hands full, and I can’t think of a better way to spend my time.”

And I meant it. 

He said, “You’re right, and it’s a good thing you are young enough to do it.”

I didn’t tell him that I’m almost 40.  That would have baked his brain. I don’t look my age (woohoo). Most people still think I’m in my twenties. I know, 40 isn’t as old as I thought it was back when I was 17.  But it isn’t 28, and it isn’t even 35.  Most people don’t expect a mom of 4 kids 4 years old and younger to be over 32ish.  Heck, I didn’t expect to have 4 preschoolers at this stage of my life.  I’ve been in the enviable position of having my youngest child be 3 years old and all the other kids in school.  

My house was so clean and orderly that year.

I never planned to have so many kids so close together.  (Until Banana Cream Pie’s birthday in December, I had 4 kids 3-and-under.). I didn’t do it when I was a young mom.

But God had a plan for me different than my plan.  

It’s been scary. It’s been overwhelming.  And I don’t deny that sometimes I feel a little spark of something like envy when my friends talk about all the projects they get done while their one remaining child at home takes his nap.  

But it’s also been miraculous, joyful, amazing, and incredible.  I’ve learned a lot.

Also, apparently I’ve become patient.  That’s the number 2 most frequent comment I get from friends and strangers.  

“Wow, you are so patient.”

“I could not be as patient as you.”

“You have so much more patience than I do, that’s why you have 9 kids.  I didn’t have that much patience.  I stopped after 2 (or 4) kids.”

Here’s the thing: what they are calling “patience” is just me having a deeper understanding than I used to have of what is important and what is less important. 

And when I say deeper, I mean DEEEEEEEPER.

Ocean deep.

Dark side of the moon and back again deep.

So that I can look at a puddle of milk and Cheerios on the floor and say, “meh. Oh well. Let’s clean it up.” 

I’m not saying I always keep my cool.  There are still days when I close my eyes and turn my face to the sky and silently ask, “Why is this so hard?”  There are days I grouch at my kids.

But I quickly realize how truly blessed I am. 

In her book, The Hiding Place, Corrie ten Boom beautifully explains how God gives us the strength we need when we need it, and not before.  

When I only had 2 children, I did not have the patience or understanding for 9 children. I did not have it when I had 6 children.  I did not have that until I had 9 children.  

Don’t limit God’s plan for you because you don’t think that you have the patience or the skills or the whatever you lack to do the job. 

The Lord gives us the strength we need when we actually need it and not before.  Sometimes it’s after–long after–we thought we needed it.  But He knows we are capable of so much more than we think we are.


Psalms 32:7 Thou art my hiding place; thou shalt preserve me from trouble; thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance. Selah.

1Nephi 3:7 … I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them.

Ether 12:27 And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. 


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