Hunka Munka

10 Mar


Baby Cream Pie is 2 months old!

She weighs 14+ pounds.

She smiles and coos at us.

She drools and makes spit bubbles.

A  lot.

She does not sleep from 9pm-1 am.

Sigh. I’m doing pretty well on just 5 hours of sleep a night.

It sure is fun to snuggle this little fatty. I had forgotten how much I love babies.



I Could Have Danced All Night

10 Mar

I love dancing.

Well to be accurate, I should say I love the idea of dancing, since I don’t actually know how to dance very well.

But think of it:

Wearing a beautiful dress, romantic music filling the air, slowly gliding in the arms of the one you love while you gaze into his eyes

It’s the closest life ever comes to being like a movie

Your Man doesn’t even have to say anything romantical, because who needs to talk if a Monster Ballad is blasting so loudly that the sound waves practically hold you up? What more can be said with Celine Dion screaming in the background about the power of love?

You just glide and gaze and grin at each other and it’s lovely and you can remember it forever.


New Foodie Blog

10 Mar

I’ve started a second blog. It’s about all the food we eat now that we are mostly vegan. My new blog has recipes, meal plans, and foodie type discussions. We LOVE our new lifestyle. An aunt asked me recently to tell her about my new diet. I was confused for a few seconds, because I don’t think of it as a diet. High vegetable, whole foods, no meat is just how we eat now. Are we purely vegan?No. It’s probably more accurate to say that we are low-dairy vegetarians who on rare occasion eat meat. Flexitarians is a term I’ve heard a lot. But whats the difference really, between a Flexitarian and anyone? It’s more fun to say we are

Practically Vegan


I apologize in advance

25 Feb

Tonight we had vegan “Nirvana Enchiladas” and beet greens for dinner. It was most delicious. I commented to the DH that I had been going over the family budget and we needed to increase the diaper budget. Blueberry Pie piped up

“Yea, this new vegetarian diet is so high in fiber, the kids are spoutin’ crap like leaf blowers.”




I almost spouted enchilada out my nose.

Family Night Fun

23 Jan


This is our new Family Home Evening job rotation chart.

I made it. *self-satisfied smirk*

I am so proud of it and it WORKS!

We have a special night each Monday where we get together and sing a couple songs, have a short spiritual lesson/devotional, eat a treat, and play games together.

At least that has always been the goal, but it didn’t happen regularly enough.

Then I made the job chart. I looked on Pinterest for inspiration. There were many beautiful, trendy charts pictured. Some were even a free printable download. But they had two problems:

1- usually they only had 4 jobs, some had as many as 6, but I needed 8.

2- my children who are not old enough to read wouldn’t be able to tell what their job was.

Then I stumbled across a picture where the family had hand drawn bodies for each job and then everyone made a self portrait head. The heads rotated from body to body each week.

I drew this one– tracing some to make the bodies more uniform. Then I gave each person an oval to draw their face in. I mounted the ovals on card stock and Popsicle sticks to make them easy to handle. The chart is mounted on a Manila file folder. I used a mat knife to cut slits through the folder at each neck.

I love this chart because:

1: the kiddie pies are so excited about it that we haven’t missed a family home evening in 4 months, except the Monday is was in hospital with the new baby. In fact, Key Lime Pie gets upset because she wants to have family night more often.

2: The ones who can’t read can look at the bodies and know what their job is.

3. it looks like something my mom or aunt would have made back before there were computers and free printables online for everything. Back when you had to make stuff yourself.

4. it is hilarious when Blueberry Pie or The Man of the House is in charge of the song, and their head is on the body with the necklace.

5. The self-portraits are awesome. Key Lime Pie’s face is purple because she insisted on coloring the blood that is under her skin.

6. did i mention that I made it?

I had scanned my body drawings and made a PDF for anyone else who wanted to use it, but that file is trapped in my dead computer, so if you love this idea you’ll just have to make it yourself like I did. It’s worth it!



Key Lime Pie

8 Jan


Key Lime Pie turned 5 in October.

She is as wild and enthusiastic about life as ever.

Her favorite food is oatmeal (uncooked) with milk and raisins and honey, Ramen Noodles, and Macaroni and Cheese. Unlike Banana Cream Pie, she refuses to eat pretty much everything else.

She loves toy horses and playing baby ponies.

Her favorite thing is to go play with friends or at the park, but she will settle for playing Super Mario Smash Brothers Brawl on the wii or UNO with me.

She is my only child who truly likes putting puzzles together.

Fresh start for Fourteen

8 Jan

I love the beginning of the New Year and the extra encouragement that comes with it for a fresh start at becoming a better person.

I don’t require myself to actually begin my new goals until the first Monday of the year. Usually I need the extra time to decide for sure what my goals are!

My word for this year is TRUST.

My #1 goal is to get our family budget under control (well myself under control and following the budget.) I’ve wrestled with our budget for all of the 14 years we have been married and I’ve bungled it for all of those years. I believe that what I need is to slow down and TRUST that when problems arise, if I wait, God will show me a solution that does not involve running to my Visa card hoping it will save me. Spend less than we make is the goal and I’m determined to make it happen this year.

It feels like a no fun goal, but I keep reminding myself how good it feels when I make something or repair something or figure out how to use what we already have. It is a much longer lasting happy feeling than the short term thrill of buying stuff.

Goal #2- keep eating healthy. We made a huge change in how we eat last year and I want to keep it up and keep improving. I have not decided if I have a goal to lose weight. I have already lost all the weight I gained during my last pregnancy. let me make sure you didn’t miss that: I HAVE LOST ALL 22 POUNDS THAT I GAINED WHILE PREGNANT LAST YEAR, due mostly to the strict diet I had to follow because of having gestational diabetes. I really could lose 20 lbs. if I lost 25, I would weigh less than the DH for the first time since …ever. So I want to be fit and I’m pretty sure I want to lose that 25 pounds, I’m just still pumped about having lost so much already.

Goal #3- make quiet time each day to read the scriptures and listen to what God has to tell me. This is most likely going to mean I have to get up at 5:30 am and if the baby wants to eat right then, I will have to find another time later, but I know this is important for me to do.

Goal #4- more meaningful time with the kiddie pies. We eat dinner as a family every evening and are “together” in the evening after that. But the DH will be on his phone. Some child will be playing on my phone. The 13 year old will be on his computer. The two year old will be watching a movie– in other words, even though we are together, we are not TOGETHER. So I have plans for more interacting that include Art Journaling, reading aloud, and playing games. Also, I have plans to have my housework done so I can really focus on the kids and what they want to tell me. That hour before bedtime will belong to them.

That’s it. I want to keep things simple since we have a new baby and I know that it’s hard to get dinner and laundry done when I have a new baby, let alone manage anything else. Perhaps even these few goals are unreachable, but they are what I really feel strongly about, so I’m sure the reaching will be good for me.


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